Frost Growth Talks Featured Videos

Frost Growth Talk with Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board and CEO of Digital Industries, Siemens AG

The Golden age of automation and digitalization has opened opportunities in several sectors. In a world of social and economic crisis, in this video, we discuss the differentiated traits of Siemens Digital Industries business that has enabled it to deliver resiliency in business performance.

In conversation with Thomas De Boer, Vice President Commercial Road Transport at Shell

The Global Climate Crisis has made it critical to reduce emissions through sustainable bio-fuels and zero-carbon energy. This video shares actionable insights on “powering progress with cleaner energy solutions” and reveals crucial steps to achieve net-zero emissions in commercial road transport.

Think “NetZero” Goals like Baker Hughes and Take the Next Leap to Remain Energy Forward

Watch Lorenzo Simonelli, Chairman & CEO at Baker Hughes share pivotal strategies shaping the future of Energy and Power

In conversation with Mandali Khalesi of Woven Planet

New mobility solutions require companies to have a robust value chain and a strong collaborative network to safeguard growth.

Frost Growth Talks with Yoon Young Kim Building more sustainable, efficient, and resilient operations

Watch Yoon Young Kim discuss Schneider Electric's vision of creating a more sustainable and inclusive world, with net zero carbon emissions.