Energy and Environment Transformation

Sustainability, digitalization and the energy transition are accelerating. The energy and environment (E&E) industry is going through a transformation that brings exciting new growth opportunities.

But the transition to a net zero future means companies face struggles with pricing pressures, technology integration, commoditization and industry disruption. Greener, smarter and more connected products and services will transform our cities, communities, workplaces and homes into a digital and sustainable domain. This will enhance efficiency, environmental performance, reliability, productivity, flexibility, safety and company profitability.

Across the energy ecosystem, built environment, water networks and waste streams, we see markets influenced by innovation, sustainability, industry transformation, and circular economies. Our E&E Practice focuses on identifying dynamic growth opportunities and best practices to support companies on their growth journeys at this exciting time.

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Power & Energy

Pressure to achieve energy security and decarbonization continue to disrupt the power and energy sector. Renewable energy is growing and this drives investment in grids and energy storage. Renewables will power electrolyzers to drive the hydrogen economy. Decarbonization will require new business propositions for better utilization of waste heat and greater electrification of industries.

Business Strategy & Innovation

Oil & Gas

A net-zero future presents opportunities and challenges to balance transition goals with meeting demand for fossil fuels efficiently and sustainably. Organizations must plot dynamic roadmaps. That means focusing on efficiency, decarbonization, digitalization, and emissions management. Longer term it means planning for an ecosystem without fossil fuels, driven by innovation, market transformation, sustainability goals, and disruptive business models.

Future of Automotive Retail & Aftersales

Homes & Buildings

Homes and buildings are increasingly technology enabled. Post-pandemic recovery and decarbonization challenges are accelerating digitalization. Awareness of productive, safe and healthy environments is prompting advancements in lighting, ventilation, building energy and automation systems, and facility management. New customer-centric business models and occupant experience strategies enable end users to achieve organizational resilience and sustainability goals.

Future of Vehicle Systems and Technologies

Environment & Sustainability

The future of sustainability is shaped by the 6P framework from Policies to Platforms. Our E&S program aligns with the Green Taxonomy to identify growth opportunities on 6 criteria: Climate Mitigation; Climate Adaptation; Sustainable Use and Protection of Water and Marine Resources; Pollution Prevention and Control; Circular Economy; and Protection and Restoration of bio-diversity and ecosystems.

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