Growth & Leadership of Women (GLOW)

Growth & Leadership of Women (GLOW) at Frost & Sullivan enables a talented community of individuals to thrive in an environment which harnesses and supports both internal and external growth.

We connect likeminded people who want to evolve the way we work today and create business opportunities in the global industries we work within.

Gender diversified workforce

Our Goal

To achieve a gender diversified workforce which thrives internally at Frost & Sullivan and externally supports our clients’ businesses. The key objective is to generate business growth through thought leadership on the role of women as an employee and as a customer, as well as supporting our female workforce to fully realize their potential through career and talent development.

Our Female Partners

Roberta Gamble

Roberta Gamble


Reenita Das

Reenita Das


Launched in 2015 by Frost & Sullivan professional women network, our GLOW programme was designed to create the foundations for the Growth and Leadership of Women to support personal, professional and business growth. We showcase Frost & Sullivan as a vibrant and forward-thinking organization where women are encouraged to grow, maximize their career potential, and play an active part in business growth. Women make up 46 percent of our Europe, Israel and Africa workforce across all job functions, and we aim to expand the presence of women at level 7 and above by 2020.

Our Internal Talent Growth:

Best in class recruitment, development and retention of female talent through:

  • Growth: Career development through coaching and mentoring, career planning, succession planning, and talent development programmes
  • Leadership: Personal development through networking and skills development. We pride ourselves on a positive working culture which enables and encourages women to make a positive impact on the business
  • Our 2020 Target: 25% of women in grade 7 and above globally and 30% in Europe; 40% of women across all functions
  • At Frost & Sullivan, we provide the tools and insights to our employees and clients to maximize and harness the power of female talent. We identify and define the business opportunity for our clients in empowering women and addressing the female customer in B2B and B2C markets. We achieve measurable dividends in terms of employee productivity, client satisfaction, and revenues through thought leadership on women as a customer, and we create a positive culture for all of our people as well as growing our business and those of our clients.

    Our External Business Growth:

    • Thought leadership: we are thought leaders on female empowerment, which we actively promote through content such as presentations, articles, and insights
    • Best practice toolkits: we develop tangible tools in female customer strategies and processes to support our clients
    • Client and talent development: we attract new growth opportunities and business partners, and develop new business with current clients, focusing on a revenue-based return on content
    • Demonstrable reputation: we at Frost & Sullivan clearly capture the gender dividend and are a global thought leader on the topic

Frost & Sullivan’s commitment to empowering women and achieving gender equality in the workplace is further manifested in our endeavor to increase diversity at our public events.

We strive to accelerate gender parity by attracting inspirational female thought leaders to fill coveted keynote slots at our global series of events and to enjoy an equal share of voice as part of audience workshops and networking initiatives across our global series of Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) and MindXChange programmes.

Hosted at regular intervals, our women’s network GLOW provides a visible and accessible internal forum, both live and virtual, designed to connect our female staff to engage in candid dialogue on the challenges they face on their professional journeys and to share experiences across a broad spectrum of subjects, including career management and advancement, mentoring and strategic peer-to-peer networking initiatives.

  • Analysis of the gender balance at all levels
  • Quarterly events hosted by internal and external speakers
  • Fast track training program for level 6+ female employees
  • Manager best practices training to provide consistent support to working mothers
  • Mentoring program for women at all levels
  • Review of HR policies supporting women in the workplace, e.g. flexible/remote working, dependancy days, and maternity leave