Future of Infrastructure

Global Infrastructure investment needs will increase by 50% over the next decade. Shortage in investment requirement, based on current and forecast trends show a wide gap to be addressed, primarily to improve roads and power infrastructure. Rapid advancements in cyber physical systems, advanced computing, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies will facilitate smarter infrastructure solutions by 2030. With global water demand expected to increase 55% by 2050, water will be one of the top issues to be mitigated globally.

A global shift to sustainable development could save $26 trillion by 2030
Electricity and Roads will constitute more than 2/3rd of global infrastructure investments over the next decade
Over the next decade, Asia’s infrastructure investment requirements constitutes over 50% of global infrastructure investment requirements
Africa’s infrastructure investment shortage is expected to exceed 40% over the next decade, including the need to meet UN’s SDG
By 2030-2035, the world HSR network is expected to reach more than 55,000 miles