Our Advisory and Foresight Services

Collaborating with the public- and private-sector clients, the Visionary Innovation Group’s foresight services leverage futurecasting science to translate macro insights into actionable strategies at a market, industry, and company level.

60% of companies will not see a ten year anniversary

Our clients understand that effective megatrend planning supports long term sustainable growth and drives a culture of innovation. This acts as a form of insurance policy against future disruptive events that could impact growth both positively and negatively.

Our Futurecasting Process

Our futurecasting process is designed to create a plausible data driven vision of the future of X. We do this through building different perspectives into a credible view.

Future Trends Radar

Horizon scanning growth opportunity analytics to assess significant future risks and opportunities with long-term impact analysis on your company.

Long-Term Scenario Planning

Structured 5-10 horizon planning leveraging the futurecasting methodology to identify “right-to-win” strategies and prioritized opportunities that are both market validated and identified as unmet customer needs.

Market Assessments

Strategic review of future markets at the national, regional, and local levels to improve understanding of market economics, competitive positioning, and barriers to entries.

Visionary Briefings

Thought-provoking and timely briefings on key global issues to senior leadership and other corporate / industry events.

Innovation Process Building

Very few entities we encounter have a clearly defined innovation process. It is most often confused with a Research & Development process which is rather about the creation of products. Innovation is more all-encompassing and as much about employee engagement in the entity as it is about creating good ideas.

Think Tanks

A dynamic one to a two-day exploration into the key trends driving society. In these sessions, we provide significant tailored content geared toward understanding new transformative and disruptive areas of growth.

Keynote Presentation

Personalized thought leadership through public speaking where we are often brought into companies and conferences to share our work with a larger audience.