After years of focusing on millennials, Gen Z is now taking center stage. Definitions of Gen Z vary globally but for the US, Gen Z comprises those born between 1997 to about 2012.

Key Takeaways

The oldest of this generation is currently coming of age and entering the job market. Employers are asking how to best integrate this mobile-first, digital-native, gaming-obsessed generation into their workforce. They also want to know how to harness Gen Z’s technological talent and creative drive. At the same time, Gen Zers shows a strong leaning toward entrepreneurial pursuits. The digital economy, replete with influencers and access to crowdfunding, has lowered barriers to entry. Figures such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have replaced celebrities as teen idols. We routinely see Gen Zers start and promote their own businesses well before their college days. And, universities are responding. The number of entrepreneurship programs is growing quickly, as universities lean into this trend. This podcast will take a deep dive into the motivations and interests of Gen Z entrepreneurs, asking how businesses can respond to this trend in innovation.

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My research with Frost & Sullivan's Visionary Innovation practice investigates global socioeconomic and technological Mega Trends that will revolutionize how we live and do business in the coming decades.

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