ScImage Award ImageSANTA CLARA, Calif. — February 23, 2021 — Based on its recent analysis of the North American cloud-based enterprise imaging solutions market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes ScImage, Inc. (ScImage) with the 2020 North America Enabling Technology Leadership Award for its PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging platform. As a pure cloud-based solution, it offers best-in-class accessibility, integration with third-party imaging tools, and a seamless interface for physicians that allows them to read and interpret images from a single, comprehensive database.

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“ScImage has leveraged its foundational expertise to deliver an end-to-end enterprise imaging platform. With the architecture thoroughly designed to optimize the cloud, PICOM365 aids fast, agile software development cycles, is easily deployable, and responds rapidly to changing market trends and customer demands,” said Dr. Suresh Kuppuswamy, Industry Principal. “Built natively on Microsoft Azure Cloud, PICOM365™ is a unique hyper-scalable, multi-tenant, and multi-regional medical imaging infrastructure that brings proactive monitoring to diagnostic imaging workflows.”

ScImage develops new platform functions and capabilities based on customer feedback. It recently incorporated PicomAlerts, an intelligent monitoring system that alerts customers to potential performance issues that can slow or prevent imaging orders. It empowers PICOM365 to fix potential problems automatically before the customer experiences gaps or lags in workflows. By integrating with best-of-breed third-party software, it provides physicians with immediate access to their preferred post-processing tools without requiring a dedicated workstation.

Compliant with Health Level Seven International standards, or HL7, including detailed financial transactions messages for billing, the platform employs proprietary SmartStreaming™ to decrease lags when accessing images. Intelligent edge devices receive imaging orders, store them in the cloud, and drive modality worklist. After image acquisition, all the information goes back to the edge device and gets stored in the PICOM365™ Cloud. The intelligent edge device recognizes physicians’ locations and fetches images either from the edge cache or from the nearest PICOM365™ Cloud region for onsite and offsite physicians, respectively. As a result, users can access images instantaneously and in seconds, if remote.

“PICOM365™’s redundancy and resiliency due to its public cloud and multi-region architecture provide location-independent, low-latency image viewing and reporting experience for all users,” noted Norma Vela, Best Practices Research Team Leader. “The company’s software-as-a-service pricing model enables smaller private providers to access PICOM365 with low up-front costs. It offers a software-lease and a cost-per-study pricing model for larger institutions, giving health institutions the flexibility to pay based on their use. Its pricing model and advanced customer support have enabled ScImage to achieve an unprecedented 99% customer retention rate and positioned it for further growth.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that develops a pioneering technology that enhances current products and enables the development of new products and applications. The award recognizes the high market acceptance potential of the recipient’s technology.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

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About ScImage, Inc. (ScImage)
Founded in 1993, ScImage remains a private, customer-first company with a mission to provide innovative enterprise imaging solutions to the healthcare industry. ScImage’s unique single-database PICOM365 enterprise platform delivers end-to-end imaging workflow for Cardiology, Radiology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and more. Scalable from a single physician practice to a multi-hospital enterprise, PICOM365 is customizable and can be delivered on-premise, in the Cloud, or as a hybrid. The perfect synchrony created between on-site and Cloud resources allows PICOM365 to provide secure VPN-less image exchange solutions among legacy silo systems, Cloud users, and various EHR systems. Learn more at

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