Lumigo Award-LogoSan Antonio, TX – June 2, 2022 – Frost & Sullivan recently researched the European and Israeli serverless operations and artificial intelligence (AI) market, and based on its findings, recognizes Lumigo with the 2022 Europe and Israel Technology Innovation Leadership Award. The company helps organizations adopt serverless observability via distributed tracing with an artificial intelligence engine natively architected for the serverless world. It enables complete visibility and traceability of serverless apps, including third-party services. The platform provides actionable alerts based on user and entity behavior analytics to prevent service disruptions before they occur. Serverless computing provides business agility, simplifies application (app) development and speeds app deployment. The advanced technology solution also:

  • Provides a competitive edge, allowing organizations to embrace changing market conditions.
  • Enables businesses to create, deploy, and scale apps rapidly.
  • Enables code deployment only as and when needed, eliminating the need for a technician to allocate or manage server capacity.
  • Allows code snippets to run automatically.
  • Improves cost and labor efficiency, lowers cloud infrastructure costs, and reduces operations/staff costs.
  • Enables high availability of apps.
  • Supports faster time to innovation.

The Lumigo platform helps developers deal with increasingly complex and highly distributed architectures, with many dependencies across internal and third-party services With the unique ability to connect the pieces of highly-distributed environments, Lumigo helps developers cut through the complexity. It presents a holistic view of what is happening in an app, enabling developers to resolve issues efficiently, cutting time spent on debugging from hours down to minutes. The solution aims at a developer persona, with outstanding user experience, easy onboarding, and full self-serve capabilities. Intelligent alerts (i.e., notifications on issues even before they impact performance) add tremendous value.

Riana Barnard, a Best Practices research analyst for Frost & Sullivan, said, “Lumigo is expanding its software-as-a-service observability product to containers, Kubernetes, and virtual machines to support every modern cloud technology. It gives developers a complete end-to-end picture and shines a light on what is happening inside their apps, regardless of the underlying technologies or specific cloud services.”

The cloud-native app monitoring and debugging platform also helps businesses grow. The platform’s visual debugging feature provides a precise breakdown of each component’s execution duration to prevent performance bottlenecks. Lumigo is strengthening its ability to provide actionable insights to developers. It means going beyond errors, system metrics, and alerts to provide tools that make it easy to troubleshoot and debug an app to get to the origin of an issue and resolve it. Lumigo’s troubleshooting and monitoring platform enables complete visibility and traceability of serverless apps, including third-party services.

“Lumigo adapts purposefully to any market change or direction, positioning itself as a technology leader and continues to grow its user base considerably,” stated Dr. Tiran Rothman, Consulting Vice President at Frost & Sulivan. With its visionary thought leadership, cutting-edge technology, and excellence in execution, Lumigo earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Europe and Israel Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the serverless operations and artificial intelligence market.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the Technology Leadership Award to the company that has demonstrated uniqueness in developing and leveraging new technologies that deliver significant customer value. 

About Lumigo

Lumigo is an observability platform for serverless and cloud-native applications that allows developers to find and fix issues using automated distributed tracing. Implemented for an entire application with a single click, Lumigo reduces the time developers and DevOps spend on maintenance. The platform allows developers to quickly find the root cause of issues with visual debugging, resolve performance bottlenecks with a clear breakdown of each component’s execution duration, and receive notifications on issues before they impact performance with smart alerts.

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