Frost & Sullivan Recognizes NETSCOUT SYSTEMS Inc. for Its Visionary Leadership in Packet Broker Solutions 

NETSCOUT’s newly launched nGenius PFS 5000 series offers cost-effective software-driven solutions compatible with open-source hardware platforms

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — November 7, 2017 — Based on its recent analysis of the Packet Broker Solutions Industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, Inc. (NETSCOUT) with the 2017 Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for its end-to-end network and application performance monitoring solutions and, specifically, the nGenius® PFS 5000 series. A chief provider of business assurance solutions for both enterprises and service providers (SPs), NETSCOUT is the only packet broker solutions vendor in the market that offers end-to-end network performance monitoring (NPM) and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions, including its nGeniusONE® and InfiniStream® platforms. The company’s other offerings range from test access point (TAP) and packet broker solutions to security monitoring tools.

“We are grateful to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for our visionary innovation in both network and application performance monitoring,” stated Sanjay Munshi, vice president, product management, Packet Flow Systems, NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, Inc. “Our goal is to help our customers accelerate their digital transformation leveraging our patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology. Our software driven approach behind the PFS 5000 series provides flexibility and choice, so our customers can cost-effectively evolve and further scale their performance monitoiring and security infrastructure on demand.”

Digitization is forcing businesses to adapt to new trends and technologies. As networks become more complex, companies must evolve from standard to more sophisticated architectures and embrace advanced digital technologies, which leaves enterprises and SPs struggling to develop and manage their changing packet broker infrastructure. Also, the current packet broker solutions available to customers consist mostly of multiple, often proprietary and closed-source, hardware components from various vendors. As protocols and standards change, such components must be upgraded, a costly process that is also time-consuming as a result of the rigid and closed-source framework of proprietary hardware. This makes it difficult for network packet brokers (NPBs) that are trying to fulfill the ever-changing network infrastructure requirements, smoothly scale their networks, and replicate it on demand—all in a cost-efficient manner.

“Replacing hardware-driven with software-driven solutions will enable the disaggregation of software from hardware so that enterprises and service providers can sustainably scale their infrastructure to flexibly accommodate new applications and services. Ultimately, the packet broker market is in dire need of next-generation solutions to help customers boost their networks’ operational efficiency without having to make huge investments time and again,” said Jessy Cavazos, Industry Director.

Recognizing the need to reimagine the architectural framework in the packet broker solutions space, NETSCOUT launched nGenius Packet Flow Switch (PFS) 5000 models in July 2017 as part of its nGenius Packet PFS product portfolio. Inspired by Facebook Open System Software (FBOSS) and Open Compute Project (OCP), NETSCOUT’s new packet broker solutions enable the decoupling of its advanced PFOS software from the underlying hardware architecture. This change gives customers with limited IT budgets the flexibility to just purchase the packet broker software and benefit from the advanced functionality it provides will running it on any OCP platform. With this approach, they can sustainably scale their packet broker network, control it through software, and rely on the software’s high-value features and functionality to keep up with changing infrastructure needs without repeatedly making costly proprietary hardware-related investments.

NETSCOUT’s nGenius PFS 5000 models offer customers cost-saving advantages, including the following:

  • Support for operational speeds ranging from 10 to 100 Gbps and interoperability with OCP hardware from any vendor in this ecosystem;
  • Fit for high-density packet broker deployments (10 and 40/100 GbE); and
  • Compatible with NETSCOUT’s other PFS products, such as the nGenius® PFS 6000 model, creating a dynamic, self-healing packet broker mesh with pfsMesh to scale on demand.

These new models enable customers to seamlessly filter, balance load, aggregate, and replicate using the disruptive software-driven packet broker architecture. In addition to bundling the NETSCOUT PFOS software solution to interface on top of the open-source hardware architecture, customers can also choose to purchase both software and hardware from NETSCOUT via the Appliance model and enjoy full support for both aspects of the solution.

“What differentiates NETSCOUT from existing participants in the packet broker space is its solutions’ infrastructure. NETSCOUT’s offering features a distributed and custom hardware-independent architecture unlike competitors’ proprietary and controller-dependent frameworks that require deep know-how for operation and restrain customers from scaling. Competitors will find it extremely difficult to replicate NETSCOUT’s strategy as incumbents would jeopardize their revenue in the packet broker solutions market if they adopt a similar model of dissociating the software from the hardware, while newer entrants have to overcome significant technological challenges to eliminate their solutions’ dependence on a controller framework,” said Cavazos.

With the packet broker solutions market expected to witness significant and steady growth, NETSCOUT’s offering is ripe for widespread adoption. This future-ready company is well positioned to maintain a leading edge over its market peers and set new standards upon delivery of its disruptive solution in the emerging age of digitalization. For these achievements, NETSCOUT has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan bestows this award upon the company that demonstrates excellence in growth and customer value. It recognizes the superiority of the product/service as well as the overall customer, purchase, ownership, and service experience offered, which has resulted in the recipient company seeing above-market growth and greater share of wallet. The award lauds the growth, diversification, and sustainability strategies of the company.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.


NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. (NASDAQ: NTCT) is a leading provider of business assurance – a powerful combination of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions – for today’s most demanding service provider, enterprise and government networks. NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology continuously monitors the service delivery environment to identify performance issues and provides insight into network-based security threats, helping teams to quickly resolve issues that can cause business disruptions or impact user experience. NETSCOUT delivers unmatched service visibility and protects the digital infrastructure that supports our connected world. To learn more, visit or follow @NETSCOUT on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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About Frost & Sullivan

For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success.

Frost & Sullivan

For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success.

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