SANTA CLARA, Calif. — July 18, 2017 — Based on its recent analysis of the weigh station bypass systems market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Drivewyze Inc. with the 2017 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Company of the Year.

“Drivewyze aptly addressed the shortcomings of existing transponder-based weigh station bypass systems, which require high up-front costs and heavy infrastructure investment, with a nimbler and more cost-efficient weigh station bypass solution,” said Chandramowli Kailasam, team leader at Frost & Sullivan’s Global Commercial Vehicles Research.

“Drivewyze accomplishes this through its use of commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) technology—the same technology deployed in modern cellular and Internet networks that deliver mobile calls and data,” Kailasam said.

Depending on the carrier’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Inspection Selection System safety score, a Drivewyze equipped truck can bypass weigh stations up to 98 percent of the time. Based on a study of more than 94 million truck visits to weigh stations, Drivewyze calculates that each bypass generates an average savings of $9.31 in operating costs.

The Drivewyze PreClear app not only eliminates the need for one more piece of hardware in a truck cab, but also delivers a truly hassle-free experience for the user. Subscriptions cost $15.75 per truck per month, with fleet discounts available. This cost can be recovered from just two bypasses; in other words, it is possible for customers to obtain return on investment in less than a day.

“Drivewyze has designed its PreClear app for smartphones, tablets, and specialized in-cab telematics devices and has positioned it to revolutionize highway safety and freight efficiency,” Kailasam said. PreClear is listed among the top 10 apps in one of Frost & Sullivan’s latest reports, “Mobile Apps in the North American Trucking Industry, 2016-2017,” where more than 100 trucking apps are benchmarked and evaluated.

“High-performance CMRS technology allows Drivewyze to reliably weigh trucks using Weigh in Motion (WIM) scales on the highway,” Kailasam added. “With that reliable WIM compatibility, and broader national coverage, Drivewyze has eclipsed transponder-based weigh station bypass systems. It offers bypass service along major transportation routes in virtually all US states, with more than 650 fixed and mobile sites across 42 states and Canadian provinces.”  That is double the number of service sites of the nearest competitor, giving Drivewyze customers a competitive advantage over other carriers.

Drivewyze is innovating beyond weigh station bypass systems. Using its CMRS technology and geo-mapping capability, the company is developing other connected truck service features and adding value to its Drivewyze PreClear product.

Heads Up notifications provide drivers with alerts of upcoming weigh stations and inspection sites at more than 1,200 locations in the United States. Driver safety notifications deliver free in-cab safety alerts to drivers as they approach high-frequency rollover crash sites.  Both services are highly valued by drivers and are proven to improve highway safety.  Drivewyze Analytics allows fleets to accurately measure the time their trucks spend in delays and lineups, and assess the benefits of using the Drivewyze weigh station bypass service before deciding to subscribe to it.

“As a leader in location-based Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) technology, Drivewyze has built the world’s largest V2I safety network that’s a generation ahead of existing radio frequency identification transponder solutions,” Kailasam said. “Drivewyze offers a win-win-win solution benefitting the trucking industry and commercial motor vehicle enforcement agencies as well as the motoring public. Drivewyze can reduce congestion in and around weigh stations and deliver vital safety alerts to drivers, exactly when and where they are most needed.

“Since Drivewyze is the only global positioning system (GPS), Internet-based platform requiring no roadside infrastructure, it reduces cost barriers to weigh station bypass deployment for fleet and truck operators as well as state agencies.

“The Drivewyze cloud-based software solution is future-proof, and not restricted to specific in-truck devices or stand-alone, battery-operated, transponders.  Through the Drivewyze Analytics service, carriers have unprecedented visibility into drive-time performance and what actually happens when their trucks visit weigh stations.”

A vital purchase differentiator is the solution’s ease of deployment. Conventional transponder devices must be fixed to the truck’s windshield and require the driver to position the truck directly under a transponder reader pole located in the far right lane, and watch for a green or red light to indicate ‘bypass’ or ‘pull-in’. In contrast, high-performance CMRS technology allows Drivewyze to read a truck’s approach up to two miles away, regardless of which lane the truck is traveling in.

“The solution’s hands-free service includes automated audible and visual commands to alert a driver, and it is in compliance with federal and state driving laws,” Kailasam said. “By providing the much-needed convenience to drivers and data-driven reporting to fleet managers, Drivewyze delivers a truly superior and unrivalled user experience.”

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents a Company of the Year awards to the company that demonstrates excellence in terms of growth strategy and implementation in its field. The award recognizes a high degree of innovation with products and technologies and the resulting leadership in terms of customer value and market penetration.

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Drivewyze Inc. is the leader in connected truck services, and is on a mission to revolutionize the delivery of highway safety and transportation management through world-class products, systems and services. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service, which is the largest weigh station bypass program in the United States, with over 600 sites in 39 states. Learn more about Drivewyze at

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For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success.

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For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success.

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