SAN ANTONIO – March 29, 2022– Frost & Sullivan recently assessed the NDT workflow management software industry, and based on its findings, recognizes DÜRR NDT with the 2021 NDT Workflow Management Software New Product Innovation Award. The company enables less tedious and less time-consuming inspections to reduce operation time, and improve process efficiency and transparency through its Drive NDT holistic workflow management and reporting platform. It digitizes and streamlines components of the NDT workflow – including order entry, inspection, report generation, approval, billing, and archiving on a single platform – to boost the efficiency and transparency of processes. The platform helps employees working in different departments to easily coordinate efficiently and managers stay up-to-date on current sales volumes or inspection orders.

DÜRR NDT’s Drive NDT holistic software manages and automates the entire NDT workflow. Unlike its competitors, it can integrate a non-destructive testing method with a destructive testing method in its workflow management software. The platform allows customization, optimizing the process. As a result, the company’s number of customer subscriptions and purchases of Drive NDT software increases. The cloud-based Drive NDT software automatically generates new inspection orders via an ERP system. The system stores information such as inspection procedures, customer specifications, standards, inspectors, equipment, test objects, measurement points, and templates for individual test reports for associated inspections. Drive NDT software also:

  • Generates and administers test reports and can easily customize reports according to client needs to include testing data from external devices and applications – shortening NDT workflow times over conventional approaches.
  • Provides status updates for the devices, their location availability, and upcoming recalibration details to simplify equipment management.
  • Offers managers better visibility on the number of available employees that can be assigned to inspection orders.
  • Automates notifications for employee certificates, radiation dosage, and check-up appointments.
  • Aids in effortless inspection of staff administration.
  • Enables reliable networking through direct communication between inspection devices and standardized interfaces to ERP, CRM, and archiving systems.
  • Improves the efficiency of accounting process and minimizes human transcription errors, owing to its automated data entry and transfer.
  • Facilitates smart data evaluation capabilities to obtain statistics and predictive maintenance, optimizing NDT workflows through data-driven decision-making.

“DÜRR NDT’s innovative cloud-based Drive NDT software digitizes workflows using a single system that allows users access anytime – and from anywhere in the world,” said Shruti Yewale, an industry analyst.

The NDT workflow platform boosts customer purchase experience. The company reviews customer requirements or requests, demonstrates the software within 48 hours, and integrates customer’s reports into the system to help them understand its operation and functionality. The NDT workflow management software is user-friendly, beneficial, and customizable, taking the company about six months to tailor it to specific customer needs. Customer size, number of employees, number of locations, and number of NDT methods that need to be incorporated influence the time required for product customization. NDT workflow challenges resolve faster, maximizing uptime and optimizing processes, in turn improving customer ownership experience. The solution is attuned to unique industry needs, increasing its value proposition to customers.

“The complexity of NDT process workflows make it a tremendous investment for companies in terms of time, workforce, productivity, and process efficiency,” Yewale further stated. “DÜRR NDT’s innovative NDT Workflow Management Software enables less tedious and less time-consuming inspections to reduce operation time, and improve process efficiency, transparency, and productivity.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased return on investment (ROI) it gives customers, which, in turn, raises customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.


DÜRR NDT provides comprehensive digitalization solutions for the NDT industry: Networked, digital radiography systems combined with innovative software. This includes high resolution imaging plate scanners and flat panel detectors, software for image acquisition and evaluation, standard compliant digital archiving tools as well as the workflow management and reporting platform Drive NDT.

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