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SAN ANTONIO – Feb. 17, 2022 – While the global economy is on the path to recovery, restraints continue to emanate from cost-of-living pressures and supply chain disruptions. The world economy is also at the cusp of transformation, driven by the clean energy transition, a growing digital economy, and major workplace shifts. Policy impetus to bridge socio-economic inequities and technology leapfrogging will drive the digitalization and decarbonization of global business models. However, staggered virus outbreaks and geopolitical flare-ups can prolong simmering inflationary pressures.

As recovery gains traction, 4.5% growth is projected for the world economy in 2022, with above-normal GDP growth expectations for several major economies. Broad-based government policy support for clean energy transition will help recovery and curtail emissions. In Africa, for example, return on investment in renewable energy projects remains especially lucrative as countries focus on decentralized renewable generation and the transition from fossil fuels, with distributed solar generation projects creating between 10%-30% returns.

Join Frost & Sullivan’s Aroop Zutshi, Global President; Craig Parker, Research Director; and Neha Anna Thomas, Senior Economist, for the Think Tank, “What’s Driving the Global Economy in 2022?” on March 2, 2022, at 9 am EST. Discover the transformative economic trends and risk outlook for 2022 as policy expectations and economic sentiment continue to evolve. In addition, understand the emerging regional and industry-specific growth opportunities that companies can leverage.

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Key benefits of attending this Think Tank:

  • Uncover how global growth forecasts and economic risks will evolve.
  • Gain insights into critical developments impacting the automotive, energy, healthcare, and travel and tourism industries.
  • Learn more about the implications of pertinent world economic trends on organizations.
  • Identify emerging growth opportunities as countries pursue clean energy shifts and digital transformation.

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