R&D laboratories can reduce costs and improve productivity by adopting smart solutions in the ecosystem, finds Frost & Sullivan

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Sept. 22, 2021 – The pandemic affected laboratory output regarding staffing and supply chains. Reduced on-site personnel and the constant risk of consumable and equipment shortages are driving the need for automation, cross-training, and remote collaboration. Scientists, vendors, and other stakeholders demand a push toward the “Laboratory of the Future,” which leverages technology to improve productivity and innovation.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest article, The Pharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratory of the Future, explores strategies to integrate digital and automated systems in research and development (R&D) laboratories and their impact. The article also highlights the role of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enable a smart laboratory ecosystem.

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“Connected laboratories have increased access to global scientific experts and highlight the need for pharmaceutical companies to reskill or upskill their own workforces to maximize the value of each resource,” said Dennis Kimmel, Senior Consultant, Healthcare at Frost & Sullivan. “With greater use of AI-powered solutions, laboratories can foster more effective collaboration, increase the number of new candidates entering the pipeline, and offer better flexibility of staffing assignments. This digitalization, in line with Industry 4.0, can enhance transparency, quality, and safety and enable more intelligent approaches to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.”

“Thermo Fisher is exploring the role AI can play in enabling smarter, connected scientific instruments to close the skilled personnel gap,” noted Andreas Huhmer, Senior Director Global Vertical Marketing at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Building a laboratory ecosystem that connects people, instruments, and software will require the right capabilities and tools. This means enabling scientists to manage their analytical data and workflows, perform analysis on data from multiple instruments within a single system, and maintain data integrity.”

To tap into the “Laboratory of the Future” growth opportunities, market players should:

  • Stay on top of innovation in the market by developing data flow-driven systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Form strategic partnerships and nurture collaborations with global laboratories to speed therapeutic development from hypothesis to final-stage clinical studies via digital connections.
  • Invest in digital solutions such as automation and Big Data analytics to reduce operational costs and improve productivity.

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About Zuzana Zukarnain

Zuzana Zukarnain is a Corporate Communication Executive with over five years of experience in Social Media Marketing and Public Relations.

Zuzana Zukarnain

Zuzana Zukarnain is a Corporate Communication Executive with over five years of experience in Social Media Marketing and Public Relations.

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