Mergers & Acquisitions

Today’s competitive marketplace makes it nearly impossible for an organization to achieve its growth objectives through organic growth alone.

Indeed, recent studies suggest companies that don’t complement internal growth with external activity, such as M&A, find it increasingly difficult to provide the top-line and bottom-line results shareholders expect.

Companies looking to expand into new markets, pursue new innovation opportunities and hit aggressive targets must, therefore, build M&A into their growth strategies.

Mergers & Acquisitions Issues and Challenges

A recent Frost & Sullivan survey indicated that 50 percent of executives cite internal challenges as the primary reason for M&A failure.

Unsuccessful integration is responsible for up to 70 percent of all failed transactions.

Although upfront research and analysis can help mitigate latter-stage integration challenges, companies continually under-invest in this activity, often leading to productivity declines, leadership attrition, and drops in employee satisfaction.

Value Proposition:

We believe that early-stage integration issues are significantly offset by investing in upfront research and analysis, as well as careful, detailed integration planning: why wait until due diligence to begin screening for it? Our focus on market analysis and target identification, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the markets and sectors in which they operate, help you consider long-term outcomes at the beginning of the acquisition process. Our implementation support teams are also on hand to help structure and put into action powerful, practical, and successful post- transaction integration programs.

Consulting Approach:

Frost & Sullivan’s start-to-finish approach to M&A can help you:

  • Conduct a detailed market analysis
  • Identify promising growth opportunities within those markets
  • Screen for potential targets with a presence in those high-growth areas
  • Conduct due diligence on all identified targets
  • Prepare for post-acquisition integration
  • Support the post-acquisition integration process at all key levels