International Supply Chain Excellence Programme

Frost & Sullivan has been working closely with management teams of various companies across Europe, India, and North America and has been involved in critical decision making with respect to supply chain efficiencies, its leanness and flexibility.

With a robust on-site assessment methodology, Frost & Sullivan has played an integral role in identifying gaps in the supply chain processes and systems that eventually impact the bottom-line of a company’s performance.

Through our ‘International Supply Chain Excellence Programme’, Frost & Sullivan aims to partner companies in their transformation into lean global corporates. Its unique approach, pace, and direction during the entire process sets this Programme apart. The Programme has a strong focus on:


Delivering competitive advantage


Continuous and objective monitoring of progress towards Lean Excellence


Deployment of manufacturing best practices into the organization


Developing maturity in a continuum with ability to achieve national and international levels of recognition


Sustained improvements through empowerment, and active involvement of personnel

This Programmes will currently run in India, Gulf Corporation Council (GCC, specifically covering Bahrain, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.), Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey.

As part of this programme, while the top performing companies would be recognized, all the assessed companies would be handed over a scorecard, and evaluation feedback would be shared. The Sectoral benchmarking against global peers is included in the feedback, so as to get more focus into the operational plans/projects of participants. This, when integrated into the business plans for the subsequent years implementation plan, would deliver maximum leverage and a clear competitive benefit to the concerned company.

Under the aegis of this programme, acknowledgment is planned for achievers in each of the regions covered.

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