Strategic Planning

A strategic plan sets an organization’s long-term focus and translates it into shorter-term goals, objectives, and performance measures. It helps ensure that an organization’s growth strategy becomes a reality, by ensuring accountability and ongoing commitment to implementation.

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Achieving executive-level consensus on the organization’s mission and vision

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Conducting a base-line assessment of an organization’s performance and identifying gaps between the current and desired end states

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Setting action items that help move an organization forward along its desired path

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Incorporating change management principles that foster organization-wide commitment to strategy implementation

Value Proposition

Frost & Sullivan helps its clients build long-term growth strategies that are based on credible and comprehensive industry, sector, customer, and competitor insights. Our advisors help clients translate those insights into specific growth opportunities, and then build a strategy to capitalize on those opportunities. This foundation helps ensure that the resulting strategic plan is connected to meaningful targets for the company as a whole.

Advisory Approach:

Frost & Sullivan advisors first help clients unearth all available industry & sector opportunities. They then lead clients through opportunity prioritization and selection exercises designed to align the executive team around the most promising avenues for future growth. From here, they work with clients to craft objectives, goals, and performance measures designed to help clients turn those opportunities into a reality for their organizations.