Innovation Excellence

The recent, and ongoing, proliferation of new technologies is transforming many industries.

Investing well in technology and innovation will increasingly define an organization’s future success. Beyond investment, however, organizations must commit to innovation in their day-to-day practices, encouraging creativity, information-sharing, and exploration.

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Measuring an organization’s “culture of creativity”

Measuring an organization’s “culture of creativity”

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Assessing the maturity of an organization’s innovation practices

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Balancing incremental and breakthrough innovation investments

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Selecting and implementing meaningful performance measures

Value Proposition

Frost & Sullivan recognizes that failure to pursue innovation opportunities can have long-term implications for a company’s growth strategy. We are dedicated to helping our clients foster a culture of innovation and creativity within their organizations. More specifically, our experienced team of experts and advisors enable our clients to:

  • Benchmark their innovation practices against industry peers
  • Gather insights from the market, competition, and customers that can fuel innovation efforts
  • Filter all innovation opportunities based on their commercial viability and strategic fit with the organization
  • Revisit and modify their innovation strategy over time

Frost & Sullivan helps its clients build long-term growth strategies that are based on a credible and comprehensive industry, sector, customer, and competitor insights. Our advisors help clients translate those insights into specific growth opportunities, and then build a strategy to capitalize on those opportunities. This foundation helps ensure that the resulting strategic plan is connected to meaningful targets for the company as a whole.

Advisory Approach

Frost & Sullivan advisors can undertake a range of activities to support your company’s innovation efforts, including:

  • Benchmarking your company’s innovation performance against industry peers (and comparing performance to identified best-in-class standards)
  • Pinpointing high-priority improvement opportunities
  • Conducting comprehensive industry & sector analysis that unearths opportunities for innovation within your industry
  • Exploring the potential of an innovation to support your company’s long-term growth strategy