Growth Strategy

Year after year, CEOs cite driving growth as their top priority.

However, various studies show that 80% of all companies will fail within their first 18 months—underscoring just how difficult it is to develop and sustain a profitable growth engine. Numerous challenges can derail a company’s strategy, from poor opportunity identification to unsuccessful implementation. Each company’s methods for avoiding these pitfalls are unique, and Frost & Sullivan is poised to help you realize your company’s own vision. 


Hot Topics

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Pursuing inorganic growth (e.g., M&A, strategic partnerships) to enter emerging markets

Big Data Analytics

Deriving key customer insights from big data analytics

Company's digital Growth

Leveraging the Digital Opportunity to boost your company’s growth potential

Value Proposition

Frost & Sullivan believes that effective growth strategies are based upon comprehensive, credible industry & sector knowledge. From this opportunities can be identified and prioritized, and powerful growth strategies begin to take shape. The uniquely solid foundation we provide ensures that our clients’ growth strategies focus on the right opportunities, and address the required implementation success factors to turn concept to successful reality.

Advisory Approach

Frost & Sullivan begins every growth strategy engagement by first unearthing all potential opportunities an industry or sector may offer. From this initial assessment, our advisors work with the client’s executive teams to prioritize the growth opportunities down to a chosen few and build a plan for pursuing those opportunities. Past strategy development, our advisors are supporting key aspects of implementation, from planning to launch and monitoring, tailored to the client’s unique needs.