Competitive Strategies

Competitive strategies acknowledge the reality that no company operates in a vacuum.

Core competencies can only be determined in relation to what competitors are doing right now, and what they might be able to replicate in the future. For companies to grow, they need both a strong value proposition and an evolving sense of how to maneuver in their market’s competitive landscape.

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Competitive Strategy Data Analytics

Optimizing data analytics to learn how your customers engage digitally with your company and your competitors

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Building a long-term perspective on industry trends, the business environment, and legislative or regulatory issues that could fundamentally alter the market

Value Proposition

We believe that competitive strategies are most effective when they concentrate on three critical elements: competitive differentiation, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability; and focus on the ultimate goal of generating profitable top-line growth (a critical determinant of a company’s long-term survival).

Advisory Approach

Frost & Sullivan’s end-to-end approach to Competitive Strategy can help you:

  • Identify resources that deliver unique and sustainable value to your organization
  • Determine where your company is best positioned to compete
  • Assess the severity of competitive threats
  • Respond to threats and anticipate competitors’ reactions