As connectivity, autonomous, shared, and electric (C.A.S.E.) trends disrupt the automotive industry, vehicles are increasingly becoming defined by software. This is being reinforced by customers’ demand for vehicles that integrate seamlessly into their highly interconnected, digitally driven lifestyle.

In a virtuous cycle, software defined vehicles (SDVs) of the future will support an in-vehicle experience that is productive, immersive, and personalized for vehicle occupants, while, simultaneously, creating a flood of new revenue opportunities for stakeholders across the mobility value chain.

Frost & Sullivan’s 14th Annual Intelligent Mobility Summit slated to be held on September 7-8, 2022, will explore how the industry is transforming “Towards a Sustainable Future.”  Panel discussions and presentations over the two-day virtual event will cover four main themes, including “Software defined vehicles: revolutionizing cars as smartphones on wheels.”

Curated sessions will assess the business and technical implications of the automotive industry’s transition from “steels and wheels” to software and services. Key agenda topics for discussion include:

  • The evolution of electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures and software-hardware decoupling
  • The importance of investments in and strategies around cloud services, artificial intelligence, and data monetization
  • Culture and mindset around data-driven business models and new revenue streams

Ultimately, the data generated by SDVs will represent a double-edged sword; while it will create a plethora of service-related revenues, innovative business models, and partnership opportunities, it will also generate data privacy and protection challenges that will need to be addressed.

Industry expert who will be addressing this topic is Jack Palmer, Senior Consultant, Frost & Sullivan

This and more such interesting topics will be discussed at Frost & Sullivan’s 14th Annual Intelligent Mobility Summit 2022. To know more or to register, visit –

Amrita Shetty

Amrita Shetty is Communications & Content Senior Manager within Frost & Sullivan's Mobility practice.