Middle East 2023 Top 5 Trends to Watch in Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry

Middle East 2023 Top 5 Trends to Watch in Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry

2022 Round Up

2022 was the year that saw rising demand for healthcare services, an increasing focus on preventative care and wellness, and greater collaboration between the public and private sectors in the Middle East region. With the increasing demand for personalized and specialty care and changes in healthcare regulation and policy, the region saw growing investments in digital health technologies (Cloud, 5G, IoT, and so on), value-based care, and an increasing focus on sustainability and environmental health.

Top 5 Trends to watch out for in 2023

  1. Focus on MedTech Domestic Manufacturing: MedTech sector domestic manufacturing will gradually take over in the GCC region, driving the diagnostic and patient monitoring devices market growth to 9%-10%.
  2. Digital Transformation: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries will witness 30% hospital investments in digital health infrastructure over the next decade. KSA & UAE will be the frontrunners with a well-aware consumer base.
  3. Pharma Investments & Localization: Focus on localization (vision 2030 in KSA & MoHAP UAE) alongside expedited drug approval in the GCC region will attract greater investments from Pharma MNCs.
  4. Focus on AI Value Addition in Radiology: Artificial intelligence (AI) in the radiology value chain will be driven by ~30% of overall hospital investments in GCC, further bolstering AI usage in precision imaging for diagnostics and therapeutics.
  5. De-centralization of IVD: As IVD moves towards decentralized testing, there will be an increasing demand for respiratory pathogen panel testing in the GCC region.

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About Dr. Rishi Pathak, Global Director, Healthcare & Life sciences, Frost & Sullivan

Dr. Rishi has over 16 years of experience in research & strategy roles in health industries advisory as a management consultant, with a dominant focus on business development, strategy & execution, the value proposition for top-line growth, DDV (M&A), competitive benchmarking, and project management office (PMO).

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