Lytx, the world leader in video telematics, has announced the launch of a new modular platform for video telematics, christened Unisyn. The offering provides an expansion of the services from its core driver coaching- and event-based video logging competencies to fleet field operations.

Lytx entered the video telematics market in 1998 with event logging services linked with video capture. The exception-based video logging system, generally linked to road incidents such as heavy braking, swerving, speeding, and distracted driving, came from the hugely successful ‘DriveCam’ product aimed at driver safety through video capture of said events and data analytics for suggestive improvement techniques on driving behavior. As a pioneer in video safety for truck and other commercial and government fleet video telematics, the company makes driving safer for 600,000 drivers globally. Lytx’s DriveCam program is the gold standard in such services.

With the launch of Unisyn, the company is in line to offer its clientele a wide range of video logging solutions for their fleet operations. Unisyn is a cloud-based platform and is a development based on market feedback and years of experience. The new platform comprises a core camera facility on the truck with scalable architecture for hardware, making addition of a large number of auxiliary cameras possible. The network of cameras interlinked with Wi-Fi enables the individual camera units to have flexibility in mounting location on the truck and also its outer ecosystem. The primary feature of the system is that the video capture is always on with the fleet manager having the option to call up any data pertaining to any data point within the 7-day period when the data would be available. The fleet operator can also configure the settings to extend the days for the data capture capability. The data recording can also be configured to be auto-uploaded onto the cloud platform based on configurable tags centered on the business requirements of the end user. The data is constantly available on the vehicle, with the fleet manager having the flexibility to access the incidents based on necessity. The optimization of the logic ensures that constant data transfer is avoided with smart methodology providing the user with minimal information on the database to make a decision before the actual transfer is made. Additionally, the database is also indexed frame by frame and with geotagging, both of which can be used to search out a particular video clip. The high level of customizability presents the clients with the opportunity to utilize the services to complement their operations and streamline to boost efficiency.

The various possibilities available to clients of the service include:

  1. Customized Event Tagging – The tagging of events, the ‘what to tag?’, and ‘what to do with the tagged videos?’ are configurable on a vehicle-to-vehicle basis, allowing the fleet manager to better manage his fleet on the basis of the route of operation, lead distance, location, vehicle weight class, and other operational parameters.
  2. Expandable Networked Cameras – The additional cameras are synced to provide a single holistic view of any particular event from all angles possible, making it easier to attain actionable information.
  3. Multi-purpose Video Capture– The cameras position being configurable allows the client to possibly utilize the camera to view the following:
    • The front to monitor view of the road ahead
    • The cab to monitor the driver and/or passengers
    • The sides to monitor the activities adjacent to the vehicle
    • The rear to monitor the activity behind the vehicle
    • The cargo interior to monitor the status of the consignment
    • The dock/warehouse to monitor the activity at the dock for unloading and loading purposes
  4. Delivery Proof and Documentation – Delivery location videos can be tagged for inside the cargo unit and the exterior to confirm the delivery and also provide the client the advantage of utilizing the video in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, be it delivery delay or personal injury; thereby, being able to mitigate any possible false claims
  5. Driver Behavior and Coaching – Similar to the existing DriveCam, Unisyn is capable of providing analyzed data on driver behavior, in addition to around-the-vehicle activity, with the added advantage of the possibility to retrieve the past 7 days’ data for archiving, making it more visible.

Fig 1: Lytx Unisyn’s Livestream Feature – Access Anywhere, Any Time

lytx unisyn livestream.jpg

The most valuable feature of Unisyn for the client is the infinitely expandable architecture for camera network and the Wi-Fi networking model between cameras. Unisyn allows the user to sync not only the cameras on the truck itself, but also to its ecosystem. In effect, a warehouse operation involving a large number of trucks from the fleet can be monitored on a vehicle-to-vehicle basis with all data back-up being stored in the truck, giving the client a holistic view of the operations. For instance, a vehicle backing up into a bay for unloading will not only have the data points from the cameras on the vehicle, it will also automatically bring up the video clip from the warehouse camera and sync with the other video clips onto the primary camera on the vehicle.

Unisyn is a particularly different value proposition to the client over the existing DriveCam solution in terms of the flexibility in tagging; expandability of the hardware; syncing capacity of the network connected by Wi-Fi or utilizing existing networks. It also has a real-time, portable, user-friendly work flow making the system accessible any time on the network. Unisyn is also complimentary to the DriveCam and can coexist in terms of providing the user with a more comprehensive solution with DriveCam providing the driver coaching and safety, while Unisyn can be used for the fleet field operations. The cloud-based server also provides global fleet operations with the easy and efficient workflow with little to no sync issues anywhere in the world.

In the opinion of Frost & Sullivan, we believe that Lytx with Unisyn has been able to develop the type of scalable flexibility of platform and the choice of customizability for tagging, making it a ready solution for fleets of all types. Lytx is now capable of offering a wide range of variants from its existing stable and can also empower third-party solution providers for the client’s unique business requirements, making Lytx a true marketplace for fleet operation solutions. Unisyn is a revolutionary solution that, in its elegant simplicity, has made video telematics affordable, accessible, and practical.

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For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success.

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For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success.

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