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GE Healthcare and Preventice Solutions Collaborate to Connect the Heart, the Hospital and the Home Seamlessly
VitalConnect Unveils Vista Solution 2.0 to Improve Real-time Patient Monitoring for Earlier Intervention
Catholic Senior Housing and Health Care Services, Inc. (CSHHCS) and Somatix Announce Strategic Relationship to
Implement an Innovative Elderly RPM Solution

Mobile Phones/ mHealth

As big tech gets into healthcare, Uber Health wants to do it right
Apple’s deal with the VA is a big step toward giving patients control over their own health information
mHealth Researchers Downplay the Reliability of Smartphone Cameras

Smart Home Devices & Appliances

Toilet Seat Automatically Measures Host of Cardiac Parameters to Monitor Heart Health
Microsoft launches bot service for healthcare sector
How a voice assistant can be a constant companion for hospital-bound patients
Your Smart Light Can Tell Amazon and Google When You Go to Bed
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