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Apple patent shows woven electric fabric that could be used for healthcare
L‘ORÉAL Launches Wearable Sensor That Can Detect Skin PH Levels

Mobile Phones/ mHealth

Philips Cares digitizes the aging and caregiving experience
23andMe to integrate genetic data into Lark Health’s AI health coach
Humana’s members will now have access to Fitbit Coach through the payer’s Go365 wellness program

Smart Home Devices & Appliances

Smart homes‘ to help older and disabled people get digital skills and tackle loneliness in rural areas
Domalys Fall Prevention System at CES 2019
Cherry Home CEO: The Future Of Smart Homes And Independent Senior Living
ElliQ Smart At-Home Assistant for Independent Elderly Folks (CES 2019)
Builder KB Home To Offer ‗Wellness‘ Software As Smart Home Race Heats Up
CES 2019 (exclusive): AARP trialing virtual reality for remote healthcare
AI Detects Depression
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