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L’Oréal launches wearable sun exposure monitor through Apple
Report: Apple Watch ECG will go live by year’s end
Clinical trial will explore how Sensoria’s smart socks can help Parkinson’s patients
Duke to Use mHealth Wearables to Help Freshmen Improve Health

Mobile Phones/ mHealth

Medtronic to acquire nutrition AI firm Nutrino for its digital diabetes projects
Apple in discussions with VA to provide veterans access to medical records
ClinMAPS app launched to help better assess and treat burn scars
CONTOUR®DIABETES app now able to integrate with Apple Health™

Smart Home Devices & Appliances

Mood-enhancing Auri light packs Alexa smart home control
From tornado flushes to remote controls, modern toilets are flush with tech
Google Gets Patents for More Smart Home Devices to Track Users
Aging-In-Place News
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