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Apple Donating 1000 Watches for Binge Eating Study is a Part of a Larger Health Push
Triple W Launches DFree, First Wearable Device for Incontinence
Autism & ADHD Parents In Australia Rejoice With Revolutionary TouchPoints™ Shipping Locally

Mobile Phones/ mHealth

Apple hopes the Apple Watch can help patients recover faster from knee and hip replacements
Tyto Care secures CE Mark, paving the way for Europe rollout
SilverSneakers Introduces SilverSneakers GO, Innovative Mobile Fitness App Designed Exclusively for Seniors

Smart Home Devices & Appliances

This Device Gives Users the Power to Program Their Own Smart Home
A DIY Smart-Home Built with Smartians
Stevie the Robot Wants to Help the Elderly
LG’s new smart sofa concept recognizes whoever sits on it
Cedars-Sinai accelerator helps launch 8 healthcare startups
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