As time passed, many businesses found that the do-it-yourself, swipe-and-click public cloud model, with its promise of lower costs and greater efficiency, may not be as budget-friendly as originally anticipated. If your organization rushed its cloud journey during the pandemic, you’re not alone. In a recent Frost & Sullivan survey of IT and business leaders worldwide, 68% stated that managing costs was a crucial challenge that significantly hindered their cloud initiatives. Even worse, 46% said they had brought workloads back from the cloud because the cost of running applications in the public cloud was higher than expected. Perhaps in part due to unanticipated costs, 61% of global IT leaders said they had trouble “gaining or retaining support from business leaders or stakeholders” to progress on their cloud journey. Additionally, 61% said they had difficulty acquiring the needed budget to continue deploying their cloud strategy.

In today’s new normal operating environment, cloud is essential to running a competitive business, and ensuring your cloud spend doesn’t overrun budget is critical to success. If you find yourself in a position where your cloud spend continually overruns your budget or expectations, there is a way to achieve the promise of the cloud. How you get there may surprise you: invest in a global systems integrator (GSI). Sounds counterintuitive? Perhaps, but the proof is in the results. By spending on a trusted GSI partner to implement your hybrid cloud environment, you save money in the long run. A partner can decrease costs directly and on an ongoing basis by continually right-sizing cloud instances and optimizing where your workloads are placed to ensure the most cost-effective—yet optimally performing—infrastructure. To do this, they deploy a robust hybrid cloud platform that provides visibility and control over all resources, from a single place. A hybrid cloud platform also gives the ability to automate critical tasks like load balancing, right-sizing, and adding instances or network capacity to ensure optimal application availability and performance. The right platform can help your developers maintain a keen focus on development and service creation, without having to worry about the environment that supports their work.

The ideal GSI can also help you cut costs indirectly by augmenting your in-house staff, freeing up technical resources to focus on strategic efforts, and increasing both revenues and employee productivity by speeding time-to-market for your applications and services. These strategic partners offer hybrid cloud platforms with quick deployment and industry-specific solutions, available on a subscription basis. They can also offer expertise in choosing the platform that best suits your organization’s needs, often at a better price point than possible when building the environment on your own.

Businesses like yours have found that by investing in the services of a trusted partner, they end up saving on their hybrid cloud deployments. Among businesses surveyed by Frost & Sullivan, 62% said that using a global services integrator led to a lower overall cost for their cloud environment. So don’t let runaway cloud costs and massive TCO derail your cloud journey. Invest in a trusted GSI partner to help ensure success.

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Karyn Price

Karyn is a Senior Industry Analyst, Cloud Computing at Frost & Sullivan.

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