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Frost & Sullivan’s global commercial vehicle program provides clarity about strategic opportunities in global on-road, light-medium-heavy truck and bus markets. It covers technologies, econometrics, applications, and major growth/innovation trends in commercial vehicle markets across the world.

The program works closely with important industry stakeholder groups—leading global OEMs, tier I suppliers, governments, regulators, and financial industry participants, among them—to provide clients with prescriptive research and advisory services. Our research encompasses key trends in light-medium-heavy trucks, trailers, buses, and other commercial vehicle powertrains, chassis, safety, telematics, digital freight brokerage, and monitors regulatory compliance.

Industry defining analysis is developed and derived through a combination of strong secondary and primary (demand and supply side) research. Our technology, market, region, and issue-based research reliably delivers time- and mission-critical insights to the widest cross section of market participants.

Over the years, our team’s accurate predictions about technology uptake have led to bold and consistently successful recommendations. For example, as early as 2010, we had predicted the uptake of automated manual transmissions (AMT) in North America which, today, enjoys 80% penetration in new truck sales in the region. Our analysts are featured as headline speakers at marquee industry events and are also regularly interviewed by leading print and online industry publications.

Latest Research

Frost & Sullivan’s commercial vehicles team brings out over 20 strategic studies every year. Each study is built on over 500 hours of primary and secondary research conducted by our global team of analysts and consultants. The team has published over 200 studies on market and technology trends over the last 10 years. Other high quality deliverables include strategic market insights, movers and shakers interviews with industry thought leaders and white papers. Our research covers market metrics, competitive benchmarking, growth opportunities identification, and strategic recommendations. We also track user preferences spanning a range of defining trends—such as electrification, autonomous and connected technologies, and digital service—in the commercial vehicle industry.

Our clients include global truck and bus OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, technology companies and investment firms. Our research and analysis helps track developments in the global commercial vehicle industry, provides insights into technological developments, predicts demand trends, benchmarks competitive performance, highlights industry best practices, and evaluates future business models and critical growth opportunities.

We have built collaborative and long-lasting relationships with leading industry bodies, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and fleet owners based on our almost six-decade long track record of providing top notch research and consulting services.

Strategic Analysis of Truck and Bus Driver Simulator Market, 2016–2025
Skilled driver shortage and reduction in fleet liabilities is major driver for the driver simulator market. The challenges include high initial investment, replication of complex road environment, and driving pattern in virtual driving condition. European Directive 2003/59/ EC of European parliament deals with initial qualification and periodic training of drivers. It allows drivers maximum of 8 hours of 20 hours of individual driving on top-of-the-range simulator. Majority of European countries allow usage of simulators for driver training. The Netherlands, France…

Executive Insights on the Turkish Parcel Delivery Market
This research focuses on the parcel delivery market in Turkey. As of 1 January 2015, legal changes to market definitions and to regulations regarding applicable fees will transform the parcel delivery market. Given the expected rapid growth as a result of these changes, this study provides an overview of the market size and the current trends and dynamics in the domestic market, focusing on private parcel companies. Overall, the Turkish parcel delivery market is consolidated with 4 key participants, whose…

Strategic Analysis of the Connected Vehicles Market in Japan
This research service discusses the future of the telematics services market in Japan and focuses on the solutions offered by OEMs and key service providers. In Japan, the trend of telematics services is on the rise, with an emphasis on navigation services; however, the market is yet to realize significant revenue and witness intense competition among its participants. The study offers a strategic overview of the Japanese connected telematics services market, including an analysis of key technology trends, challenges, and…

Future of Logistics
The supply chain market is becoming more complex in a time-constrained environment as speed of delivery and user experience emerge as critical factors; in fact, instant and same-day delivery solutions are now key service differentiators. Firms must rethink their strategies and devise more agile models that leverage economies of scale and still meet consumer demands. This spurs a shift from location-based deliveries made of fleet networks to marketplace or app-centric, non-asset-based models. This study explores the Mega Trends shaping logistics…

Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Portugal
The low labor cost and the favorable geographical location make Portugal a trans-shipment hub for the fresh produce from Latin America and Africa to Spain. More than 70% of Portugal’s trade is within Europe. The key trading nations include Spain, France, and Germany. Portugal’s poor investment in new technology, industrial machinery, and transport equipment could lead to a decline in an already fragile transportation economy. However, the Strategic Plan for Transport and Infrastructure, announced in 2014, is one of the…

Digital Transformations in the Global Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2020
Technological changes have led to the convergence of industries and the transformation of the business processes related to supply chain management. The need to improve logistics efficiency is being driven by the modernization of transportation infrastructure, changing consumer purchase patterns, and the emergence of new business models. With the declining cost of technologies related to Automatic Identification Data Capture, Autonomous Vehicles, Augmented Reality, Big Data, and Cloud Computing, the global logistics industry is being transformed in terms of the transportation…

Selected OEM Highlights of IAA Frankfurt Motor Show
The research service provides an overview of the key highlights of IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. It focusses on breakthrough technologies and launches of selected OEM’s and offers a comparative analysis on OEM strategies.

We help our clients understand how a variety of trends and technological breakthroughs in on-road, light-medium-heavy truck and bus markets can impact their current and future product portfolios.  Our client base includes OEMs, tier I suppliers, technology vendors, and investment companies with whom we partner to evaluate new products and services for different geographical markets.  Our engagement model involves several systematic steps with the aim of ensuring results-driven implementation. However, the key differentiator is the high degree of customization that we offer our clients, empowering them to decide on the scope, focal points and objectives of their project.

Frost & Sullivan’s global commercial vehicle research team can support new clients in the following areas:

  • New Products and Services: Support in the development of new products and services tapping into existing white spaces
  • New Technology Support: Support in identifying disruptive technologies, along with use cases and level of applicability, to enable short and long term R&D and product roadmaps creation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Support in due diligence and validation of start-up, growth phase, and mature business within the investment community for a potential investment or full acquisition
  • Consumer Feedback: Evaluate and gather feedback from a desirability, awareness, and willingness to pay perspective on current and future technologies
  • Market Size and Forecasting: Evaluate the market potential for specific connected car features from a historical, current, and future perspective including key metrics such as uptake rate, pricing forecasts, revenue forecasts, and market share of key vendors
  • Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking: Analyze and provide a comparative framework of select suppliers in specific products and service categories

“We have incorporated Automotive & Transportation studies from Frost & Sullivan since 2008 and rely on their studies as a cornerstone of industry understanding. Access to the high quality and broad scope of commercial vehicle research conducted by Frost & Sullivan is a tremendous asset to any research portfolio. It serves as a solid basis from which to develop further work and is shared widely throughout our entire company.”

“Frost & Sullivan’s studies have helped us to streamline processes, and ascertain opportunities in untapped market segments.”

“Analyzing the global market from an unbiased standpoint; Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive & Transportation research deliverables have always been insightful.”

“Their deliverables have helped us clarify and prioritize our target markets and customer segments , both critical elements in implementing our roll out schedule and building a scalable business. It is also proving to be very helpful in communicating the unique attraction of our business model to potential investors.”

“It’s very refreshing to work with a group that not only ‘get’ your business model but are able to challenge intelligently and help crystallize your own thinking …… we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and would heartily recommend them for their knowledge and insight.”

Some of our most recent client collaborations include:

For a global commercial vehicle OEM, providing a strategic analysis of digital freight brokerage opportunities globally and offering recommendations for mergers, acquisitions and investments in start-ups in the space

For a leading Asian light commercial vehicle (LCV) manufacturer, benchmarking product, technology, manufacturing, sourcing, and aftersales services of various market participants to enable growth in North America

For one of the top-3 global engine manufacturers entering China, conducting customer surveys combined with industry analysis of five major geographic regions in China to identify customer target groups

For a global component manufacturer, analyzing the adoption of electric and alternative powertrains in the light-medium-heavy duty truck market and its implications for boosting technologies into 2030

For the biggest South East Asia based automobile manufacturer, supporting its launch of a new medium-duty platform in Asia and Europe by helping it make changes to its cabin interiors. The project involved interviewing design engineers and leveraging extensive primary and secondary research to assess cabin design trends, themes and focal points.

For a leading US wheel-end and wheel supplier to the OE market and aftermarket, helping it arrest its declining market share caused by the offshore manufacturing strategy of its competitors, and enabling it to deliver lower cost alternatives to market. For this, we determined the size and analyzed dynamics of the wheel-end and wheel markets in North America, Europe, and South America. We also conducted deep dive research and analysis across the industry, including surveys of fleet managers, to facilitate client understanding of the market’s changing requirements

For a South American rail equipment manufacturer, developing a comprehensive strategy focused on product line rationalization and new service offerings to stave off competition from a major off-highway commercial vehicle manufacturer

For a European turbocharger manufacturer, identifying growth opportunities in the medium-heavy duty commercial vehicle market

For a consortium of European heavy duty commercial vehicle OEMs, after treatment systems suppliers, and patent lawyers, determining the number of light, medium, and heavy duty diesel powered passenger and commercial vehicles registered in the US that were equipped with a particular after treatment technology. The project’s challenge was to accurately capture each vehicle by OEM, vehicle model, vehicle class, engine type, and also offer strategic analysis of the regulatory and technology environment that could have impacted future adoption rates of the technology

Best Practices

As part of our research mandate, we acknowledge companies that successfully innovate and disrupt with our prestigious Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards. These awards are presented to companies across a range of regional and global markets for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. In order to evaluate and identify best practices, our team of analysts benchmarks market participants and measures their performance through a rigorous process that involves independent, primary interviews and secondary industry research.

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