Autonomous Driving & Connected Mobility

The automotive eco-system is heading toward the integration of multiple domains, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and V2X communication. This growing integration and shift in focus will underpin the software-defined, connected cars of the future. Moreover, as the eco-system expands, the market will experience intense competition from both proprietary and open source solution providers.

On the one hand, connectivity is perceived as a key enabler for autonomous vehicles. On the other hand, automakers are leveraging connectivity technologies to target B2C businesses with connected portfolios that offer a maximum set of services throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. Personalization and customization have paved the way for technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning which, by supporting different human machine interface (HMI) options, enhance the way drivers interact with their vehicles. Telematics, which is considered the backbone of Big Data in the automotive industry, has evolved from being a part of OEMs’ cost savings strategies to a potential money spinner in today’s scenario.

Latest Research

Frost & Sullivan provides industry-leading thought-leadership research as well as market quantification & forecasts on topics related to active safety, automated driving, connected mobility and next-generation connectivity for vehicles. Be it competitive landscaping or business-models ideation, the global team of research professionals and consultants provide the right solution expertise for industry challenges. Backed by strong knowledge and advisory services portfolio, some of the best practices in the industry have been recognized and benchmarked to help clients create their future strategy. Frost & Sullivan’s capabilities in this space has been well received by leading OEMs, suppliers, service providers, legislators and industry bodies alike.

Our global content covers market forecasts, OEM strategies and roadmaps for steering, suspension, braking, driveline & active & passive safety technologies. Whilst we remain thought leaders in this area, our team also focuses on the future evolution of technologies such as analysis of the automotive lighting systems market, automated driving market, autonomous driving business models, and vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Our deep-dive analysis supports clients to understand innovation and challenges which impact the industry.

Mobility: Automotive & Transportation Analyst Briefings

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Global Connected Car Market Outlook, 2018
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We help our clients understand how a variety of connected car trends and technological breakthroughs impact their current and future product portfolio.  Our client base includes vehicle manufacturers, Tier I suppliers, technology vendors, investment companies, insurance companies, and wireless carriers with whom we partner to evaluate new products and services for different geographical markets.  ‘Our engagement model involves several steps, beginning with discovering, which is followed by inform, analyze, develop, and, finally, implement, but the key differentiator is the high degree of customization we offer to assist our clients in shaping the project.

Frost & Sullivan’s global connected and automated car research team can support new clients in the following areas:
  • New Products and Services: Support in the development of new products and services tapping into existing white spaces
  • New Technology Support: Support in identifying disruptive technologies along with use cases and level of applicability to enable short and long term R&D and product roadmaps creation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Support in due diligence and validation of startup, growth-phase, and mature business within the investment community for a potential investment or full acquisition
  • Consumer Feedback: Evaluate and gather feedback from a desirability, awareness, and willingness to pay perspective on current and future technologies
  • Market Size and Forecasting: Evaluate the market potential for specific connected car features from a historical, current, and future perspective including key metrics such as uptake rate, pricing forecasts, revenue forecasts, and market share of key vendors
  • Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking: Analyze and provide a comparative framework on select suppliers in specific products and services
Advisory services projects include:
  • Supported a leading German OEM in its next-generation IVI product planning
  • Supported a leading Korean OEM in developing its comfort and infotainment product portfolio for its near-luxury vehicle model in the United States
  • Supported a Japanese OEM in understanding HMI development philosophies and the process for leading premium European OEMs
  • Analyzed customer feedback and willingness to pay for telematics-based insurance in the United States
  • Enabled a leading automotive society to understand the connected car and safety trends for next-generation policy making
  • Provided Voice of Consumer analysis for a leading European to develop a common infotainment platform that can serve 2 regional markets
  • Year-long competitive intelligence tracking for an OEM client, covering various vehicle dynamics technologies within steering, suspension, braking, driveline etc.
  • Support a major Tier-1 safety system supplier with product strategy through competitive landscaping on a driver monitoring system aligned with OEM roadmap for automated driving

Frost & Sullivan’s team of the connected car and thought leaders have long-standing experience in designing, developing and conducting impactful workshops with C-Level, board members, and management leaders encompassing the complete automotive system ranging from vehicle manufacturers to tier 1 supplier to technology solution providers. This allows us to develop priorities, market penetration strategies, creating key performance indicators, and fueling growth strategies.

War-room workshop: A range of exercises with several tier-1s who possess a portfolio across safety, connectivity, vehicle interiors. Enabling clients to analyze and leverage developments to their advantage.

Think-tank: Backed by our “no idea is a bad idea” philosophy; Frost & Sullivan conducts think-tank exercises in a blue-sky thinking format. Enabling decision makers to harvest valuable ideas, strategic implementation methodologies and develop a strong future solution portfolio.  

Engage with Frost & Sullivan to understand how you can benefit from our research and advisory services using our unparalleled market knowledge and a global team of experts.

We have been very impressed by Frost & Sullivan. The team showed deep knowledge and understanding of the automotive industry and the international business development environment, the focus of our company. They have literally read our minds and after recommending a strategy that leverages our capabilities to solve market needs, they delivered a business plan that perfectly brings our vision to concrete, clear goals and actions.


Frost & Sullivan has been supporting Nissan in editing Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Newsletter. This is a Nissan internal electronic publication issued on a monthly basis. The newsletter summarises the most significant industry, market and political news from Europe on the whole EV ecosystem (vehicle,  infrastructures, etc). Additionally, EV market statistical information are published. The information is sourced from European media which Frost & Sullivan are continuously screening, analysing and finally summarising adding their expert opinion. The newsletter is an important publication for Nissan. It keeps Nissan members, especially those located oversees informed on the latest and most important developments in Europe in the compressed and tailor made format. We have worked with Frost & Sullivan on numerous projects related to media screening and research. We prize their service quality and professionalism. The newsletter project is no exception. It has been running for a year now, work has been always delivered on time and to highest quality standards. We are looking forward to extending this project to the next years.

Strategic Fundamental Researcher for the Future Technologies, Nissan

Frost & Sullivan consulted us on the competitive environment and future trends in mobile online services in the form of a one-day workshop. The team prepared a tailored, content rich and insightful presentation and presented itself as a competent sparring partner in the following fruitful discussion. Overall the workshop was a showcase for F&S’s strong knowledge base in the field.

Dr. Guido Haak, Head of Product Marketing, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Worldwide


Big Data analytics play a vital role in optimizing business models by analyzing massive volumes of collected data and variables. Data gathered from multiple sources—vehicle sensors, telematics box smart devices, and data transmitted from mobile and RF, among others—are assimilated, analyzed and converted into actionable insights. Key B2C services that have evolved from Big Data analytics include usage based insurance (UBI), as well as finance and CRM related businesses.

The line between the technology and automotive sectors continues to blur, and more start-ups are disrupting the eco-system with services and products that can transform the automotive and mobility sector. Start-ups have evolved by focusing on advanced connected car technologies such as IoT, deep learning, analytics, cloud, virtual reality, and blockchain.

Frost & Sullivan’s global telematics, infotainment, connectivity, and HMI research provides clients with comprehensive research, analysis, and advisory support encompassing the widest range of connected car technologies, feature benchmarks, applications, and markets.

Our research is focused on providing decision making tools for next generation connected services portfolios for the entire automotive eco-system. Our capabilities span technology, market, customer, competitive, and issue based research. We also provide due diligence for vendors and new market entry, as well as best practices benchmarking. A strong blend of descriptive and prescriptive research and advisory, coupled with dynamic analyst support, manifest as value propositions for our client partners.

We offer our clients access to continuous research and analysis into connected vehicle technologies, markets, and trending themes. The Connected Car research division covers a wide variety of research topics ranging from connected vehicle business models, short to long term connected car strategies, and HMI technologies. We provide in-depth annual outlook studies and visionary research related to changing value chain models.

A key USP of the team is offering two streams of research: sustainable, which has annual updates on various markets; and disruptive, such as the role of CE giants in the connected car scenario. We closely track automotive start-ups, offer in-depth understanding of investments by OEMs and help identify potential targets for M&A.

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise in autonomous driving and connected mobility includes work in the following strategic and operational areas.

Automated Mobility

Focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automated driving and active safety, driver monitoring, and vehicle automation at different levels. Also includes monitoring of enabling legislative frameworks.

Infotainment and HMI

Assessment of connected car strategies and service portfolios of OEMs. Focus on human factors, including biometrics and different interfaces in both traditional and autonomous environments.

Automated Driving Business Models

Insights into the impact of automated driving on design, insurance, parking, digital commerce and many other areas. Research into related business models and revenue opportunities for all stakeholders.

V2X and Internet of Cars

V2X research including technology focus on cellular, DSRC, and other communication protocols. Research into OEM and regional deployment plans and the move towards connected autonomy.

Auto IoT and Cyber Security

Automotive IT spending, Big Data and cyber security related research. Includes blockchain, gamification, and data monetization related research which are the tipping points for connected vehicles.

Intelligent Mobility

As the paths of automated driving and cooperative driving converge, intelligent mobility is expected to break new ground, leading to zero fatalities, zero emissions, and zero effort driving. Our team works to develop these trends and understand their impact.

Frost & Sullivan provides industry-leading thought leadership based on high-level quantitative and qualitative research on topics related to active safety, automated driving, connected mobility, and next-generation connectivity for vehicles. From competitive landscaping to business model ideation, our global team of research professionals and consultants provides the right solution expertise for industry challenges.

Backed by a strong knowledge and advisory services portfolio, we have identified and benchmarked industry best practices to help clients develop their own future strategies. Frost & Sullivan’s capabilities in this space have been well received by leading OEMs, suppliers, service providers, legislators, and industry stakeholders.

Our content is global in scope and covers market forecasts, OEM strategies and roadmaps for steering, suspension, braking, driveline, and active and passive safety technologies. Our team also focuses on the future evolution of automotive lighting systems, automated driving, autonomous driving business models, and vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Our deep dive analysis supports clients in understanding innovations and challenges which impact the industry.

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