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Strategic Imperatives For Artificial Intelligence


The lack of differentiated product offerings backed by deep domain expertise will push traditional technology vendors out of the race amid rising competitive intensity.


To drive growth, technology vendors must foster deep strategic partnerships to create innovative solutions and accelerate go-to-market speed.


Without outcome-based value propositions and seamlessly adoptable technologies, vendors will fail to overcome challenges arising from transforming macroeconomic environments.


How do you shift from where you are to what you want to become? How do you fill the gap?

Based on those strategic imperatives the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to achieve transformational growth is daunting.


Growth Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

Advisory Services

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires a deep understanding of technology, domain, and best practices in ‘Responsible AI’. Enterprises seek this expertise from technology providers, thereby creating an opportunity for vendors to offer advisory services. These services create new revenue opportunities and a means to enhance value for existing and potential customers.

Industry Use Case-Specific Solutions

As enterprises aim to leverage AI to support business functions, they seek plug and play solutions for faster deployment, rather than custom development. Technology providers with niche, function specific use cases that are well aligned to enterprise needs and support faster API based integration will have a competitive advantage to attract customers and drive growth.

System Integration and IT services

AI deployments require complex system integration capacities- from seamlessly integrating diverse hardware like sensors, cameras, and devices to software and technology platforms, creating significant opportunity for IT services providers with end-to-end deployment capabilities.

Data Management Platforms and Services

Data preparation is a critical step for leveraging the full potential of AI technologies. As organizations seek to integrate, clean, and leverage enterprise data, data integration and management services present substantial opportunities for technology service providers to provide innovative machine learning (ML) models and ensure ethical and secure deployments.

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How to Find the Best-fit Growth Opportunities in the Era of AI?

From Insights to Action: Unleashing the Power of AI and Data Analytics

The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics has triggered a transformative wave across multiple sectors, reshaping traditional business models and challenging companies to innovate and adapt swiftly or face the risk of failure. The ability to harness the power of data has become a crucial factor for enterprises to optimize customer experiences, maximize operational efficiencies, and establish a competitive edge. Information and communication technology (ICT) companies need to rapidly evolve to develop solid product differentiation based on domain expertise. With rising competitive intensity and geopolitical uncertainty, technology providers can no longer create and deliver value as standalone players. Are you ready to foster new strategic partnerships to create innovative AI solutions?

As ICT organizations grapple to embrace this new ecosystem, they face a complex landscape of disruptive technologies, changing customer expectations, and industry convergence. Moreover, emerging start-ups further aggravate the pressure on technology providers to hasten go-to-market times and develop differentiated value propositions. Amid this seismic change, the rise of one organization may come at the cost of another. Organizations that survive and thrive amid this transformation will be limited to those that can adapt with agility.

Unlocking the Potential of AI: Monetize Growth Opportunities across the AI Ecosystem

The increasing pervasiveness of AI use cases is creating significant growth opportunities. However, with transforming customer expectations and the evolving regulatory environment, it is imperative for all AI ecosystem participants—from technology companies and investors to regulatory bodies—to actively track and understand shifting business dynamics.

To keep up the AI momentum, technology providers will need to build compelling value propositions backed by strong growth strategies to monetize new opportunities and overhaul outdated operations. The question thus arises: Are you prepared to embrace the potential of AI and chart a bold new course with robust growth pipeline management?
Do you find yourself among those companies that lack the flexibility to master this transformation?

Are You Ready to Evaluate Your AI Alignment and Transform Your Business?

To navigate evolving business ecosystems, companies in AI and data analytics must identify and overcome their growth gaps. The key to success is finding and prioritizing the right opportunities that align with your top growth priorities.

Frost & Sullivan has six decades of experience in analysing industry transformation and identifying innovative growth opportunities. Let us guide you through your transformation journey by working collaboratively with the ecosystem community of companies in your industry. Our transformation journey is fuelled by four powerful components, ensuring your success in navigating industry changes:

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