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Will Your Organization Survive the Transformation of the Digital Industry Accelerators?

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Strategic Imperatives For Digital Industry Accelerators


Harness Digital Twins for Industrial Metaverse: Integrate product, process, and people to drive efficiency and innovation, enabling a connected future.


Utilize Generative AI for Adaptive Problem-Solving: Foster continuous learning and innovation to tackle complex challenges in an interconnected world.


Adopt Software-Defined Automation for Agility: Enhance efficiency, flexibility, and scalability to adapt to market changes and maintain a competitive edge.


How do you shift from where you are to what you want to become? How do you fill the gap?

Based on those strategic imperatives the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to achieve transformational growth is daunting.


Growth Opportunities in Digital Industry Accelerators


Industrial Metaverse Emergence

  • Hyper Digital Twin-isation
  • $800bn value-creation (2025)
  • Unprecedented interconnectedness

Adapting Autonomy in Shop-floor

  • Autonomous systems thrive
  • Maximized operational efficiency
  • Next Level of Industrial Automation
Edge Intelligence Expansion

Edge Intelligence Expansion

  • Computing scales shopfloor
  • $10bn market (2025)
  • Distributed intellectual prowess
Augmented Worker Influx

Augmented Worker Influx

  • Amplified awareness era
  • Novel operational paradigm
  • Synergized human-technology

Frost RadarTM

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Our work is focused exclusively on identifying the growth opportunities of the future and evaluating companies that are best positioned to take advantage of them. The Frost Radar™ is a robust analytical tool that allows us to evaluate companies across two key indices: their focus on continuous innovation and their ability to translate their innovations into consistent growth.

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