Industrial Innovation & Transformation

Envisioning the journey of digital transformation in manufacturing
Manufacturing is at a cross roads. The emergence of paradigms like Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT are reinventing existing functions of design, engineering, production and after-sales. Innovation in the shop floor is not an option, but a strategic necessity that will make or break companies. Much of the existing industrial markets are expected to consolidate or go into oblivion..

The Innovation & Transformation program aims to envision, discern and distill the myriad business possibilities for industrial markets in the future.

We specialize in Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, the B2B Experience Economy, and Digital Industries.

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Digital Industries

Digital twin, virtual and augmented reality, Edge, Fog Computing, Sensorization, 5G for Manufacturing

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Cognitive Factories

AI impact in the shop-floor, Disruption possibilities and value-add for manufacturing

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Industrial Experience Economy

Experience-led business models, co-creation, synergies, from B2B>B2H (Business-2-Human)

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Services 2.0

Data-driven business models, predictive maintenance, consumption-driven business models

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I4.0 Biz Ecosystem

Competitive benchmarking, start-up watch, ecosystem synergies

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