Charting the Future Growth Paradigms of Process, Discrete and Hybrid Industrial Markets

Technology convergences (sensors, data, cloud, computing, and algorithms) is driving creative destruction and expansion of traditional business models. 2018 and beyond will be the era of performance transformation, driven by automation and digitalization. As asset owners become asset subscribers, the imperative for solution providers is where is the cheese being moved and which is the next big growth market to focus on?

The automation practice will focus on analyzing markets, technology, competition and customers to help you stay ahead of the curve and drive actionable growth strategies, while staving off competitive displacement.

Automation Field Devices

Field Devices

The base layer of any plant is home to the best process value data that accurately depicts the health of the operation. Includes process sensors, analyzers, flowmeters, gas density meters, etc.

Future of Process Control Icon

Future of Process Control

A market that is poised for disruption, due to shift in customer procurement models and technology stances. We cover future of control platforms and how should companies change for the better.

Condition Monitoring Icon

Condition Monitoring

Predicting asset failures is imperative, as customers shift from schedule-based maintenance to exception and condition-based maintenance strategies. The convergence of hardware, software, and services poses intriguing growth opportunities for solution providers.

Operations Software and Advanced Solutions

Decline in the skilled workforce is propelling customers to adopt smart and advanced software solutions to reduce performance variability while achieving previously unseen levels of business performance.

Lifecycle Services Icon

Lifecycle Services

Customers are shifting from being asset owners asset subscribers. Industries are shifting from asset heavy asset light. While these tectonic shifts happen, there is a significant focus on monetizing the lifecycle aspects of assets, process and operations. This is the next big thing!

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