Medical Device Coatings and Materials

The regulated biomedical technologies and medical devices market drives the need for safe and high performance, specialty polymers and materials, including multi-functional ingredients.

Adhesives, coatings, textiles & biotextiles, films, foams, membranes, plastics & polymers, silicones, cellulosics, metals, plastic additives, adhesives & sealants, antimicrobials, natural ingredients

Regulatory Classification (in terms of risk from lowest to highest) Examples:

Class I

Medical instruments, crutches, wheel chairs, surgical beds, bandaging

Class IIA

Dental filler, diagnostic ultrasonic devices, hearing aids, contact lenses, tooth crowns, muscle and nerve stimulators

Class IIB

Anaesthetic devices, respiratory devices, X-ray, blood bags, defibrillators, dialysis devices & tubing, condoms, moist wound dressings, dental implants.

Class III

Heart catheter, endoprosthesis, coronary stents, ortho implants, absorbable surgical sutures, breast implants, heart valves

Top Groups:

(1) In-Vitro Diagnostic Substances (2) Electro-medical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus (3) Irradiation Apparatus (4) Surgical and Medical Instrument (5) Surgical Appliances and Supplies (6) Dental Equipment and Supplies (7) Ophthalmic Goods

Transformational Shifts Shaping Future of the Medical Device Industry

Suppliers of specialty materials for medical technologies and devices need to be cognizant of the medical device industry and market trends. Frost & Sullivan research provides insights not only from supply-side (or top-down) approach, but also from the demand-side (or bottom-up) methodology

Value Chain

Suppliers are increasingly becoming forward and backward integrated in order to compete in this complex value chain. In-depth phone discussions with leading resin suppliers, value-adding manufacturers and resellers, and medical device manufacturers, and other key value chain entities form the basis of Frost & Sullivan research. These often include multiple discussions within suppliers and value chain entities to ensure an “organizational interview”.

Polymer suppliers:

DSM, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Evonik, Innovene, LyondellBassel, Sabic, Solvay, Dow Chemical, Kraton, BASF, PolyOne


Polymers and Other Material Suppliers


Value-Added Products

Compounders & Blenders

Coatings Manufacturers

Device Adhesives Manufacturers

Parts and Components

Molders, Extruders & Component Manufacturers

Contract Manufacturers

Medical Devices & Products

Medical & Dental Adhesive Manufacturers

Medical Device OEM’s

Medical Device Cos.
NuCryst, Boston Scientific, Abbott, C.R. Bard, Lombard Medical, Smith Nephew

Device Adhesives Manufacturers: Henkel Corp. (Loctite), Dymax, Ellsworth, 3M Medical Tapes and Adhesives, Master Bond Inc., Adhesive Systems, Inc.

Distributors of Medical Devices

Coatings Manufacturers: Acrymed, Inc., Cupron, Inc., Ecology Coatings, Surmodics, Inc., Sono-Tek, Micell Tech. Accord BioPolymers, DSM, Biocoat, Agion, Akcoatings, AST Products


Hospitals, Clinics