Investment Advisory

Frost & Sullivan’s investment advisory team has been serving private equity, venture capital and investment banks for over 50 years.

Our research helps our financial services customers translate, understand and act on the emerging market opportunities arising from industry transformation–from smart mobility to health IT to Industry 4.0 and dozens of other areas where technologies continue to converge. For both our private equity and venture capital clients, our research supports target identification, portfolio management, exit strategy and more generally the crystallization of tomorrow’s opportunities today.

For our investment banking clients, our syndicated and custom research can help contextualize market opportunities for everything from pitchdecks to IPO support. 


Our Breadth of Industry Knowledge Gives Us Insights into Innovation, Opportunities, along with Different Perspectives Across Various Industries

Aerospace & Defense

Civil & Commercial Aviation, Aircraft & Engine MRO, Airport Infrastructure, C4ISR, Battlespace IT, Military Aerospace, Surveillance Equipment, Training & Simulation, Homeland Security

Automotive, Transportation & Logistics

Automotives, Navigation & Infotainment, Aftermarket, Logistics & Transportation Systems, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Rail Logistics, Ports & Marine, Freight markets

Financial Services

Advisory: M&A Advisory, Investment Idea Generation, Due Diligence, IPO Support, Implementation; Market: Fintech, Regtech, Martech, InsurTech, Consumer/ Retail Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management

Chemicals & Materials

Plastics, Polymers, Packaging, Sustainable Materials, Carbon Conversion Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing, IP Analytics

Electronics & Security

Electronic Devices, Components, Semiconductors, Surface Mount Technology, Contract Manufacturing , Automatic Identification, and Security Biometrics

Energy & Power Systems

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Decentralized Energy, Power Supplies, Energy Services Batteries, Renewables & Alternatives, and Power Quality

Environmental Products & Building Technologies

Water & Wastewater, Waste Management, Air Treatment, Environmental Health & Safety, HVAC, Lighting, Electronic Security, Building Automation Controls, and Facilities Management


Medical Devices and Surgical Instruments, Drug Discovery, Clinical Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Imaging, Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine

Information & Communication Technologies

Enterprise Communication, Telecom Services, Mobile & Wireless Communication, Digital Media, Network Security, Contact Centre, Satellite & Space Comms, and Network Infrastructure

Industrial Automation & Process Control

Mechanical Power Transmission, Fluid Power, Machinery, Process Control Equipment, Industrial Automation and Software, Lasers & Robotics, and Computer Aided Design

Measurement & Instrumentation

Test & Measurement, Sensors, Inspection Services, Non-destructive Testing, Laboratory Services & Analytical Instruments

Metals & Minerals

Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Nickel, Quarrying & Beneficiating, Mining, Prefabricated Metal Buildings, Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Why Partner with Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan has deep knowledge of the insurance market, customers, technology and trends and the proven ability to develop actionable go-to-market strategies for our partners.

Growth focused Expertise

All services aligned on growth to help our clients develop and implement innovative growth strategies; with a specific understanding of macro trends, technology, opportunities, and customer/ marketing strategies.


Close collaboration with clients in driving the growth initiatives to include research, strategy, vision alignment, and implementation.

InsurTech Market Expertise

Continuous monitoring of the North American insurance industry and InsurTech market; with the ability to bring long term market vision and identify growth opportunities.

Results oriented partner

Proven ability to PMO, lead and manage the process across all teams to align the short-term with the long-term strategic growth objectives that deliver results.

BFS Growth Consulting Services for Strategy and Transaction Advisory Support

Our services for our clients include:
Continuous research resource across different industry verticals and the investment cycle, providing all available information from the start of every transaction; Discrete advisory services at each point to help your deal team manage deal flow, transactions and portfolio companies for greater efficiency and return.

Unrestricted Access to Research

Deal origination •
Idea generation •
Sector guide •
Target list/analysis •

Support & Reporting

Exit options & timing •
Preparation for sale •
Buyer identification & evaluation •
Vendor due diligence •

Proactive relationship management

Post-transaction business improvement •
Growth strategy •

Full-Time Analyst support

• CIM Review
• Overview of fundamentals
• Quick dataset and market modeling
• Valuation support
• Expert opinion
• Opportunity analysis

Advisory Capacity

• Full CDD Offering
• Market analysis
• Assumption testing
• Strategy & Business plan review
• Investment thesis & issue analysis
• Commercial, Financial, Technical, Operational

• Performance benchmarking

Business & Financial Services Client Testimonials

“Frost & Sullivan’s financial work has proven to be a very valuable tool for our research efforts. As an institutional investor with a long-term investment horizon, the fundamental information and comprehensive look at both large- and small-cap stocks helps us evaluate new potential investments, is a valuable source of proprietary investment ideas, and provides us with a solid platform to assist in tracking our portfolio.”

— Director of Research, Leading Asset Management Firm

“As you may have read by now, XYZ received all of the necessary approvals required to close the $9.5 billion ABC acquisition. This transaction represents one of the largest deals ever signed by an industrial business within the company. It also fundamentally changes the scope of our Medical Systems business which has become “XYZ Healthcare." Although you did not know it at the time, our team was relying upon the team at Frost to turn around analysis related to this deal in a very short period of time, under considerable pressure, and with accuracy and completeness not compromised. You delivered and we are very thankful for that. Obviously, given your ability to deliver results we will consider Frost our first line of contact for research in these areas in the future. ”

— Director, Global Business Development

“Frost & Sullivan played a vital role in helping us to determine whether or not we should expand one of our businesses worldwide. Early on, it became clear that some of the opportunities were very different than what we had originally thought. We were particularly appreciative of the team’s flexibility with regards to changes in the project direction. While we had hoped for more worldwide expansion opportunities, we were confident that the fact base Frost & Sullivan helped build led us to the right answer, and ultimately saved us $ millions in a failed market entry attempt into unattractive markets. Through our work with Frost & Sullivan, we developed a strategic plan that was quickly approved by our senior management team. I look forward to working with Frost & Sullivan again. ”

— Global Vice President, Marketing

“We were fortunate to have a F&S team on the ground in three continents to conduct the research. This was instrumental in navigating through the various local cultural differences. Having become an extension to our team, F&S approached the assignment with enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism. ”

— Vice President Marketing

“Frost & Sullivan worked with a leading U.S. hedge fund on a deep analysis of a key Point-of-Sale (POS) hardware. The stock had been depressed, as there was significant negative news flow around the firm, a new product offering, and fears that several large clients were canceling orders. The hedge fund needed to know how much was real vs. rumours. Through extensive primary research, Frost & Sullivan determined that many of the rumors were unfounded. As a result, the hedge fund bought significant shares on the decline, and had an appreciation of over 50% as the firm’s true performance came to light. ”

“Frost & Sullivan worked with a leading proprietary trading desk on an analysis of a large European chemical firm. The desk had built up a sizable position in the stock. Many in the industry were bullish on the outlook for this firm and the stock. Frost & Sullivan, based on recent research into the supply-demand equation, was more bearish on this stock. The client, based on Frost & Sullivan research, greatly reduced its position before the stock declined by 35% over the next six months. ”

Business & Financial Services connects research, analysis and foresight to understand the critical factors shaping the future of finance around the worldwide

Leveraging Frost & Sullivan’s global network of clients, partners and stakeholders, Business & Financial Services delivers a unique insight into game-changing technologies which continually converge across multiple industries.

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