Leveraging our broad expertise in finance, technology, and innovation, Frost & Sullivan’s FinTech practice translates emerging trends, technologies, and future outlooks to drive growth opportunities for our clients.

We work with a range of global market leaders in developing and refining their FinTech story.

Frost & Sullivan helps companies to position their products and services in a world where consumer behavior, cutting-edge technologies (like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data applications, among others), and entire industries converge, collapse, and are continually redefined.

FinTech Growth Partnership Service (GPS) brings together the knowledge of industry experts, analysts, and futurists from four different Frost & Sullivan areas of expertise:

Business & Financial Services

Information & Communications Technologies

Visionary Innovation Group


Helping financial institutions capitalize on the FinTech revolution

We help our clients by providing a continuous flow of growth opportunities while shining light on how best to invest in the future. Partner with us to access comprehensive coverage on FinTech markets and companies, including:

  • Digital dossiers on leading global financial institutions that explore how companies approach the FinTech revolution and unveil their diverse partnerships with FinTech companies.
  • Industry insight on FinTech companies that cover product range, investments received, strategy, partnerships with incumbents, as well as the potential impact on the overall industry value chain.
  • Strategic analysis of market growth across regions, including insight into promising startups, regulatory trends, and initiatives by governments to help accelerate industry growth.

Future of Fintech

BFS connects research, analysis and foresight to understand the critical factors shaping the future of finance around the worldwide

Leveraging Frost & Sullivan’s global network of clients, partners and stakeholders, BFS delivers a unique insight into game-changing technologies which continually converge across multiple industries.

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