Rapid digitalization and connectivity are shifting the security industry away from passive monitoring, post-event investigations and remediation, and thinking about security in merely the physical realm. The exponential growth in data collection, reporting, and analysis has not only created a security environment more grounded in data but also increased the demand for better safeguards and controls to protect these new data sources.

Rapid digitalization and connectivity are shifting the security industry away from passive monitoring, post-event investigations and remediation, and thinking about security in merely the physical realm. The exponential growth in data collection, reporting, and analysis has not only created a security environment more grounded in data but also increased the demand for better safeguards and controls to protect these new data sources.

Converged Security is critical in supporting economic growth through enhanced protection of people and data. Our team of experts identifies the relevant opportunities and challenges emerging as a result of converging Mega Trends. We also provide comprehensive tracking and assessment of the major market, competitive, technology, products/services, customer, regulatory, business model, and strategic trends influencing change throughout the security industry.

Industry Analyst

Aravind Srimoolanathan

A versatile management professional adept in the realm of Homeland Security, Border and Maritime Security markets, aiding industry clients in opportunity and competitive analysis to enhance market expansion and probability to win.”

Senior Industry Analyst, Security Program Lead

Danielle VanZandt

Experienced Security strategist with expertise in convergence and technology solutions within the Security sector. An expert in analyzing the impact of ongoing convergence between physical, logical, and identity technologies, solutions, and program operations across critical infrastructure, defense and government, and commercial markets.

Industry Principal

Himanshu Garg

Research Analyst

Dolores Aleman

Research Associate, Cybersecurity

Pranav Sahai

With security teams relying on both physical security and monitoring procedures in combination with digital access and network controls, modern security has moved to the forefront of an organization’s operational planning in order to ensure proper protection for people, processes, and organizational assets.

Mega Trends such as integrated city surveillance, intelligence video analytics, digital policing, blockchain and cloud computing, behavior-based authentication, and cybersecurity protocols are empowering organizations/cities to bring together their IT and security practices to offer a more converged, holistic, and comprehensive vision of security.

Digital Gazette–Security Digitalisation, Quarterly Report

Digital transformation of the security ecosystem is progressively disrupting traditional patterns. Frost & Sullivan provides a brief quarterly analysis on key trends across the market. The Digital Gazette provides an overview on key developments and contracts in the security industry and the relevant partnerships forged amongst its stakeholders around the world during the first quarter of 2019 against the backdrop…

Global Border and Maritime Security Market Analysis, Forecast to 2028

This study will benefit those who are interested in learning about the global border and maritime security market and potential opportunities in this segment
The threat dynamics to national security are evolving, and technology, in turn, will act as a force multiplier for nations to foil illegal attempts to penetrate their sovereign borders. Each nation, having acknowledged the significance of…

Analysis of the United States Public Sector Identity and Access Management Software Market, Forecast to 2021

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Global Security Market Analysis, Forecast to 2025

The global security market is poised to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.81% over 2018–2025. Cybersecurity is the most crucial technology segment that is projected to grow at a faster rate than the overall security market, achieving a CAGR of 9.20% over the same period. An inevitable need for advanced security solutions to contain geopolitical instability…

Frost Radar in the Surveillance Analytics Market

The age of Big Data Analytics has completely shifted how businesses collect data, manage internal operations, and enact many business decisions. These are now based on direct customer data and observed trends rather than guesses or estimates of business needs from indirect observation. Big Data Analytics applications have accordingly changed how an organization undertakes its own security and surveillance operations…

We work closely with security technology OEMs and vendors, systems integrators, consultants, government agencies, public sector organizations, and new technology pioneers to help them evaluate and introduce new product and growth solutions using disruptive and innovative business models. We engage with clients through customized consulting projects and strategy workshops. Using our proprietary tools and techniques, we help clients to plan and execute creative business strategies that will fast track their growth and innovation performance. Our dynamic, practical and results-oriented approach helps clients assess relevant opportunities for new product/services launch.  We leverage our core and cross-industry expertise knowledge to enable our security industry clients to rapidly and seamlessly realize positive outcomes. Frost & Sullivan’s Security Research Program can support your organization in each of the following areas:

  • Development, feasibility analysis, and implementation of new converged surveillance or digital access solutions
  • Benchmarking, development, and adoption scenarios for new business models
  • Competitor benchmarking to identify what industry stakeholders are doing in physical security and cybersecurity protocols; which competitors are disrupting markets; and  how organizations can promote growth and innovation
  • Assessment of purchase influencer and decision-making
  • Support for go-to-market strategies through product, pricing, and competitive analysis
  • Evaluation of security-as-a-service business models and how these can be cross pollinated across relevant sectors
  • Identification of growth opportunities and high performance companies that will reshape the industry through innovative approaches in existing and emerging security segments

We specialize in running bespoke growth workshops with our clients. Our experts lead workshop participants, who are typically from a range of functional and operational backgrounds, through the entire arc spanning information gathering and planning the solution and goal implementation. The team has run several workshops with a range of clients, including with:

  • A Japanese surveillance OEM, to identify new partnerships and market growth opportunities in the US city surveillance market
  • A global surveillance technology manufacturer, to evaluate the Indian digital surveillance market and identify potential market entry opportunities and competitive share
  • A global communications firm, to design, develop and deliver product and solution marketing strategies for successful market entry

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise in physical and digital security research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas.

Physical Security and Surveillance icon

Physical Security and Surveillance

Products and solutions that are shifting traditionally hardware-based physical security practices into the future, including Video-Based Analytics, Advanced Surveillance Camera Technologies, and Real-Time Surveillance Monitoring.

Smart Cities icon

Smart Cities

Evolving technologies and trends within the city surveillance market and upcoming Safe City initiatives, globally. Command and control (C2) operations, intelligent traffic management, smart lighting, and e-governance access and controls that collectively provide holistic security for cities.

 Digitalization of Law Enforcement icon

Digitalization of Law Enforcement

The latest digital policing practices and technologies that enable law enforcement and policing agencies to police more efficiently.

Emergency Management icon

Emergency Management during Critical Events and Disaster Situations

Critical Communication technologies and solutions used during disasters, as well as critical C2, C4, and First Responder communications networks and technologies critical to positive emergency management mission outcomes.

Border Control and Biometrics icon

Border Control and Biometrics

Border controls, including more robust screening technologies, advanced entry/exit barriers, and biometric verification programs that provide more accurate proof-of-identity.

Critical National Infrastructure Security icon

Critical National Infrastructure Security

Physical and cyber security solutions that can meet the demanding regulatory, compliance, and security challenges that critical national infrastructure (CNI) entities face when protecting their physical and cyber assets.

Mass Transportation Security icon

Mass Transportation Security

Digital surveillance solutions, advanced screening and detection equipment, and robust access controls that form the basis of integrated security solutions across railways/metro/mass transit centers. In addition, transit system security operations.

Cybersecurity Protections and Solutions icon

Cybersecurity Protections and Solutions

Cyber Protections and Controls, Managed and Professional Security Services, Cloud Security and Cloud Access Security Brokerage, and Threat Sensing Solutions, such as Incident Detection & Response, Vulnerability Management, and Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions – cybersecurity solutions that fit myriad industry demands.

 Identity Management and Access Control icon

Identity Management and Access Control

Personal identity security has changed with mobile connectivity, the rise of e-commerce and e-banking, and new biometric identity verification solutions. Ongoing security convergence has moved traditional access control beyond hardware tokens and card readers to more advanced identity verification practices, including both hardware tokens and digital identity credentials for physical and digital access.

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