Professional Choice Program

Measuring Quality – Recognizing Excellence
This program is in search of the best-in-class companies, products, and services. However, we are not simply looking for companies and products that have demonstrated quality in general use situations; we are looking for extraordinary performance and quality that shines through the most demanding use.

We seek the opinions of industry trendsetters: leaders, decision-makers, and specialists; it is on their views and opinions that this program is based.

We rigorously analyze their input on products and services, and also the issues related to their use within the profession. We report on their expectations and needs, and on their perception of the market players and their practices. Our awards, based directly on professional users’ input, recognize excellence, enduring commitment to quality, and best practices in the industry.

Our professional panels include (amongst others) doctors, nurses, corporate executives, and engineers. Each group is consulted on products and services relevant to their profession.


The CEO's Choice

Our most valued of choice programs, the CEO Choice annual program, recognizes companies and products that have earned the preference of business leaders and is valued for the influence that CEOs exert on business preferences. We analyze and report on the views of company leaders – a special group of end-users: high earners, successful professionals not willing to compromise on quality or service.

  • The CEO’s Choice on Mobile Communications
  • The CEO’s Choice on Executive Cars
  • The CEO’s Choice on Business & Financial Press

The Executive's Choice

An expansion of the CEO’s Choice, the Executives Panel includes high-level executives from all departments of modern corporations: IT, business development, and even Human Resources executives are included. The panel is consulted on products and services generally used in the workplace and also more specialized issues relevant to each member’s area of responsibility.

  • The Executive’s Choice on Desktop Computing

The Physicians Panel

The panel includes doctors of all specialties and is consulted on general medical issues and products, and on topics depending on each member’s specialization, from ratings of patient monitoring equipment to studies tracking use of specific drug therapies.