Growth Partnership Services

Some customer research requirements are quite specialized and complex in that these are generally not available off-the-shelf. And yet, the information from such research has the potential to guide strategic decisions that drive improvements in the company’s performance.

“Our company has initiated 5-6 projects based on the insights derived from this study. Doing this study on our own would have cost us much, much more.”

—Market Research Manager of a global medical devices manufacturer

Frost & Sullivan, with the support of pre-subscriptions from interested clients, ventures into these high-value, high-impact areas. We allow you, together with a minimum number of other clients, to participate in the development of the study, with options for you to specify “proprietary” questions that will provide insights that will be available only to your company. Thus, you enjoy some of the benefits of a custom research project and a lot of premium insights at a reasonable cost.

Our highly specialized studies have helped our clients design new products optimally, alerted them on significant trends in product usage and preference, provided them further insights on how customers perceive their products and brands, and other key information that has guided their strategy. It effectively supplements our broad range of Growth Partnership Services in areas that are usually covered only by costly custom research. Multi-client studies could be the smart solution that you have been looking for to achieve your custom research objectives cost-effectively.