Global Alliance Partners

The Strategic Imperative

Megatrends, innovative and disruptive technologies, digital transformation, IoT and the social media explosion all offer new and exciting opportunities in today’s converged business landscape. But with these new opportunities also comes increased competitive intensity.

To gain a competitive advantage as a best-in-class growth solution provider you need high level global exposure to decision makers, positioning you as a visionary industry leader. You need to enhance the effectiveness of marketing, business development and lead generation programs, enabling your team to maximize their sales efforts by focusing on highly qualified prospects who make decisions. You need a cost effective way to execute your strategy and vision, strengthen your brand and demand and provide clear differentiation from your competitors.

What is the best way to get your message heard by the right people; at the optimal time and in an interactive and intimate, face-to-face setting?

The answer? Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) Global Alliance Partnership.

Why Frost & Sullivan

For 60 years, Frost & Sullivan, together with members of our Global Alliance Partnership, has been committed to the launch and on-going support of a very unique network of CEOs and their management teams. The Growth Council’s mission is to provide a 24×365 continual feed of best practice tools and strategies which support its members and their organizations along their individual Journey to Visionary Innovation. We look at ways to leverage innovation as a resource to address global challenges, grow our companies and our careers.

CEO’s Growth Team

Today Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Council spans more than 22 countries around the world, with direct access to critical best practice based analytics across more than 42 industry sectors and 10 functional areas of the CEO’s Growth Team. Our impact runs the gambit of delivery media, online forums, interactive think tanks, an annual schedule of worldwide events, monthly newsletters, and growth thought leadership from industry visionaries, including an array of best-in-class growth solutions from various technical and non-technical solution providers.


Frost & Sullivan Locations


Frost & Sullivan Aerospace Industry Icon

Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities, and bespoke advisory services.
Visionary Science’s Chemicals and Materials icon

Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition

The Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition program help companies understand opportunities and threats and make informed strategic and tactical decisions.
Energy Industry Icon

Energy & Environment

The Energy & Environment industries are undergoing a rapid transformation from a static and conventional system to the fluid and dynamic Internet of Energy.
Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Icon


Our Healthcare & Life Sciences pratice has a powerhouse team of experts & advisors covering all facets of this trillion-dollar industry.

Industrial Automation Icon


Our industrial program provides global market intelligence, thought leadership, and interactive think tanks to help our clients identify the top Megatrends.

Information Technologies Icon

Information Communications Technology

The Information Communications Technology teams use the breadth and depth of the ICT industry and vertical market knowledge base to enable digital transformation for business strategy.
Mobility Icon


The Frost & Sullivan Mobility practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities.
Cybersecurity Icon - Industry Services


Make sense of security challenges and understand how security is a 21st-century business enabler is why organizations around the globe utilize Frost & Sullivan's security analytics.

Transportation - Logistics Icon

Supply Chain & Logistics

The Frost & Sullivan Supply Chain & Logistics practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities.